58 Year Old Motorcycle Mama

It must be the sign of the times…nearly every adult male in my family and extended circle of family and friends has gone out and bought a motorcycle.
I’m refering to the those huge leather and chrome motorized lounge chair models that you see everywhere in traffic these days.
They come fully equiped with CD player & stereo radios with sound-surround speakers implanted all over the bike…helmets where the driver and passenger can hold conversations as they are roaring down the highway, adjustable windshields, hot and cold running water and a mini fridge! Just kidding about the last two, but it wouldn’t surprise me if they don’t figure out how to add those options in the near future…

Now that we are destined to have $3.00 or higher gas and fuel to get around, it makes perfect sense to invest in this form of transportation.
I will not argue that these machines are sleek and stylish and kick butt in the fuel department. My major concern is that even with all the style and accomidations for a comfortable ride..these machines are still basically made for one person.
Yes, they have these cute little passenger seats complete with arm rests on the rear of the bike…I’ve determinned that this is to help in the illusion that you are safe as a baby in a car seat and attempts to give the passenger that “At One With” feeling of the ride and the open road.
I will now relay my experience with this “At One With” feeling of being said passenger.

After being left behind on numerous occasions when all the guys would load up and hit the open road, I buckled under pressure one afternoon and decided to give this motorcycle passenger riding a try.
I want to interject at this time a little insight into the comfort zone of this 58 year old artist, photographer, designer and all round “feet planted firmly on the ground” kind of gal.
I am built close to the ground and would rather walk to a destination or get in my reliable little VW Beetle to get me where I want to go.

I was handed a helmet and although it too was shiny and sleek..it felt like I had just been handed a hollowed out bowling ball and I was suppose to put this on my head?
My second thought was OMG what is this going to do my hair…LOL and how does a person hold their head up with this thing on!?
I quick rushed to the bathroom to look in a mirror (that’s important you know)… and started laughting so hard as I recalled the old joke about the little kid having her face stuck in the school bus doors!
Okay so it was too small, so I went back to the garage where I was handed another hollowed out bowling ball and promptly felt like I had just arrived from the Planet Pluto.
Everyone was getting anxious to get going and not wanting to be left behind and I knew it would defeat the purpose if I followed behind in my VW…I put my image sensitivities aside, went in, got one of my old Cowgirl Day’s necker’chief’s, braided my pony tail, re-applied the hollowed out bowling ball Planet Pluto helmet, cowboy’d up and just went for it!

Riding a motorcycle to “feel the wind and freedom of the road” is an understatement when you are said passenger. Even with the cute little passenger seat and upholstered armrests, you are sitting up a little higher from the driver and let’s just say even with my protective goggles (more to the Pluto costume) I started “feeling the wind” until the tears were streaming down my face…and the “freedom” part is a bit daunting because you still really only have a pair of belt loops on said husband’s jeans… so I was hanging on by the seer hope that Levy’s hadn’t contracted the lowest bid on the belt loop sewing!
Are we having fun yet?

Well I hung in there… my husband knew I was in total blacked-out terror so he did take it easy on me, but did let me know through the handy little voice in my helmet that it was going to be a 100 mile round trip.
I had ridden motorcycles with my husband some 20 years ago…but that was before my body would lock in any given position only to be relieved through prescription medication…LOL…
After about an hour of wizzing through the canyons of the Nevada/Arizona/Utha desert mountains we happened upon a little cafe’ where I guess it was deemed that we would partake in lunch.
Yep you guessed it…I was locked in the sitting position on the back of said motorcycle and even after my husband got off and kick standed the bike, I was still sitting there, only now at a slant of the bike at park. I couldn’t even raise my arms to take off the Planet Pluto Helmet and handy eye wear…
All the Road Warrors of our excursion now gathered around the bike with the “old lady sitting statue” and had a great laugh. My son being one of them and has since been removed from my will…
They did eventually get me off the back of the bike… but try and catch a visual of Yoda walking with all of these macho motercycle dudes.

All kidding aside, I did survive my 100 mile round trip maiden voyage and it doesn’t matter that I was numb for several days after…next time I will take some “Extra Strength Something” if I see another road trip looming.
I have traded my “Planet Pluto Helmet” in for a more stylish smaller “Hitler Storm Trooper” skull cap…I don’t see myself doing the leather thingy as I tend to resemble an egg roll and I know that tatoos are definatly not on my list…my ears aren’t even pierced!
In closing I just want to say that I consider myself so fortunate and blessed to have had more experiences then one person should ever see in one lifetime…and adding “Sometimes Motorcycle Mama” is just another notch in a well worn belt.
Oh and by the way if you see me out and about and I have bugs in my teeth…pleeeese tell me!

Susan Bergstrom
Written for Mesquite Local News
Mesquite, Nevada

58 Year Old Motorcycle Mama

Susan  Bergstrom

Mesquite, United States

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My personal Senior Citizen account on taking the plunge and joining in on the Thrill of the Ride on the back of a motorcycle…

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