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Where Are The RedBubble Buyers???

Okay…I fung shui’d my desk, my office, my studio, my brushes, my paint tubes, my pastel and color pencils… even my husbands sock drawer and I still cannot seem to attract any buyers???

I network, I email this website to every Tom, Dick and Harry and Silvia on the planet and not one snippette comes back. Is it just me, is my work not really that good for people to even buy a card?

I am becoming severely discouraged and wondering if this site is just a way to have all of my artwork neatly listed and stored… I can do that in my Kodak Shareware…

This message of “oh poor me” is not by any means to take away from the wonderful, kind and encouraging feedback from my all fellow “Bubbletts”…you all give me hope that I am creating something of value, that is original and valid.
Plus I thank you with all of my heart ,the fellow artists who have bought what few itens I HAVE sold…

BUT WHERE ARE THE OUTER WORLD BUYERS!!!!??? Does anyone from the outside world EVER look at this site…or is it just artists buying other artists items…does RedBubble ever promote this site to get the world to look at what awesome creations lie within this site? I am thankful for whomever put this site together… but WHERE ARE THE BUYERS?

So, that is my tale of woe…I have had five people ask me in the last few days who are thinking of joining RB if it is worth the effort of listing all of their work, are there any sales?
I had to answer…“it is a great community, hundreds of talented people, but for me, I have had no sales in many, many weeks”…

Oh Well…Thanks for listening to my Monday Rant.

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Where Are The RedBubble Buyers??? by 

The personal question about where are the buyers for the products offered through this artists site. All the work that goes into creating the work, taking photos in the right pixels so it can all be down loaded, all the copy and pasting to design each page so people can see what the artwork will look like in different products and the end result after many hours of work at the creative level, then the hours on the computer listing and designing, networking to promote… and then no sales.


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I enjoy a full time career as a working Fine Art Artist and Natural Lifestyle Photographer.
To me, my art and photography is the best way to express what I see around me.
I also teach both mediums and I host 3 and 4 day Art and Photography Workshop Retreats through my private studio on my desert property in Nevada/Arizona.
I formed Elbow Canyon Fine Art & Photography Retreats several years ago to offer my students a unique one-on-one instruction.
Thanks for viewing my work

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  • ElYPares
    ElYParesabout 6 years ago

    I feel the same way sometimes. You might not sell on this site too much but now people know about you. It does take a lot of time to upload and set up the site. I guess you have to be patient and just be thankful that many of us are appreciating viewing your work. I heard someone say “You can get disappointed but don’t get discouraged”. Life is full of disappointments but we have to have the courage to keep going and believe in yourself.

  • Susan Bergstrom
    Susan Bergstromabout 6 years ago

    oops pressed the button before I wrote anything…Thanks for the feedback…just a bad monday…need to have a martini I think!!! Thanks for your comment…

  • Gary L   Suddath
    Gary L Suddathabout 6 years ago

    I’m hoping that the new bubblesite will help to sale outside of the site. It only has your work on it, so any time or money you spend on advertisement brings them only to you, not the whole site. I don’t for see makin a lot of sales till I spend money on advertisement, that probably ain’t goin to happen till I get quit work, and can devote more time to it.

  • Susan Bergstrom
    Susan Bergstromabout 6 years ago

    Thanks for the feedback Gary…I haven’t done to much with the new Bubblesite…just no time and same here as far as investing in advertizing…just isn’t going to happenright now…some sales would help (HeeHee)…that was the whole point of the article…I stopped selling on ebay because of the garage sale mentality and the outrageous (sp) listing fees…you don’t have the listing fees with RB but you can sure hear the cricketts chipring as far as viewers from the outside world…like I said, OH Well…life goes on…just a bad Monday…tomorrow is another day!

  • Estelle O'Brien
    Estelle O'Brienabout 6 years ago

    I ask myself the same questions. Did the martini help? After an initial couple of sales when I first came on, I have sold nothing. I do derive an enourmous amount of pleasure from the support, good will and bonhomie among the artists, but sometimes wonder if it is taking up too much of my time. Good luck ~ your work is great ~ it should be attracting buyers!

  • Susan Bergstrom
    Susan Bergstromabout 6 years ago

    Thanks Estelle…I doubt if I am going to leave and I don’t have the funds to pay for advertizing on this new Bubblesite they have introduced…so I guess I just keep doing what I have been doing. I am other sites and it is pretty much the same…one wonders if it is the world economy or just in the USA? Sadly we are in a craft that does not fall into the “NEED” to have…it is in the “WANT” to have and people are cutting out lots of “wants” these days. I guess an artist does not let all of this deter the creative process and continues on. No, I never did have the cocktail…too early in the day when I first wrote my rant…but it is getting closer to Happy Hour and I may just have to indulge!
    Thanks for your insights and care..

  • Zeanana
    Zeananaabout 6 years ago

    Susan, I think with that last reply you made you hit the nail on the head.
    For the average person out there, money is VERY short to come by nowadays. Many people I know work 2 – 3 jobs and still can’t make ends to meet just trying to feed themselves and the kids.
    It’s tough – on most people I know right now.
    I absolutely understand why people are not buying art right now – though I have to admit, I know few who buy their art online.

    A friend of mine makes most of her profits on galleries and exhibiting her pictures on different functions.

    I personally see redbubble as a online-sharing tool, that once in a while might bring in a sale – by far not enough however, to ever fill the 20 USD bridge for me to actually GET the money. So right now, all I do is with those couple of cents that red bubble made with my sales, I am paying them for the webspace :P I’ll never sell enough for them to get me a cheque ;) …
    That’s fine, too shrugs I don’t expect sales on here. Not anymore…

  • Jan Landers
    Jan Landersabout 6 years ago

    i am feeling some of these same feelings right now, susan….contemplating a new beginning…a change….but not sure what path….i love rb and this community of wonderful friends and artists, but i am in no way close to making money for the time i invest…….you are not alone….my friend… :-)

  • Susan Bergstrom
    Susan Bergstromabout 6 years ago

    Thanks for responding Zeanana…My art means so much to me and I want to share it wih others anyway I can. As i stated earlier…I have stopped selling my originals, I could not get even close to what I was asking and that was even more depressing, so through the chat rooms at Ebay I found out about RB and places like where you can make ALL kind of products from your artwork and not have to sell the original…but there are virtually no sales on any of the artist web sites and I am on over ten. So also as I stated…forge ahead and continue with my craft and what comes is what comes…Thanks for your comments and caring…

  • Susan Bergstrom
    Susan Bergstromabout 6 years ago

    Hello Jan my friend…thank you too for your insights and thoughts. I never expected to ride in an armored truck to the bank being on any of these artist websites but it is painfully clear that the outside world really does not know about RB and other sites like zazzle,com where you can make different products from your original artwork. Even Etsy , Boundless, Yessy and others that I am on…the cricketts are chirping…and forget Ebay, what a joke! If they can’t steal it, they don’t want it. So I am back to the drawing board…many creations to develope…just had to write this to get things off of my chest and see if I was the only one left at the train station!
    Thanks for your response and insights…

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