Hello From South Africa

Hello to all my Redbubble Friends and Followers… I have a precious few minutes to send you all this note to let you know that I haven’t disappeared… I am with my husband and a dear friend in South Africa once again.
I have a few minutes every few days to check my emails and a quick peek on the Redbubble community, and of course check on my family and friends on Facebook.

I am saving all the emails I get that alert me of your lovely comments and Features of my work and be assured I will respond to all when I return home.
I appreciate the attention you continue to give my Fine Art and Photography… it is a wonderful way to start my day and helps me feel that I am not so far away from home.

Thank you again… Can’t wait to share with you, the wonderful captures I have taken from this latest trek to this awesome country when I return.



  • WhiteDove Studio kj gordon
    WhiteDove Stud...8 months ago

    Looking like a teenager….MONBTFQWOWIEOMGLMNOP…..

  • LOL… a 62 year old teenager! Thanks MONBOTFOMG!

    – Susan Bergstrom

  • JolanteHesse
    JolanteHesse8 months ago

    I am waiting for your call, Susan!

  • I have tried to find the time this last week for a call and with luck a visit but our friends and this wedding of the century are making the days fly by! Will see what next week holds… send me a b-mail if you get a moment and let me know a little more detail as to where you live so I might make a plan with our driver. I so want to meet you and see your wonderful art.

    – Susan Bergstrom

  • Gordon  Beck
    Gordon Beck8 months ago

    Hope you have an awesome visit there and will look forward to your travel photos, Susan.

  • Thanks Gordon… this place is magical to us every time we visit, see something new every time.

    – Susan Bergstrom

  • Ann Warrenton
    Ann Warrenton8 months ago

    Enjoy your trip. Time can be so short. You are so beautiful! Moments are so special, don’t worry about the Facebook, Redbubble, etc. enjoy your time with the husband. I say this because I just lost a dear sweet friend about four hours ago.
    Spend your treasure of time well Susan. Computers can wait. Your RB friends will wait. Hugs. Ann

  • What a lovely comment Ann… yes you are right, computers and social media can wait but I consider all of you my extended family so one of the reasons why I check in! So sorry for your loss… our friend who is traveling with us lost her husband and we felt a trip to a magical place may bring some wonder back into her life. Thank you for your heartfelt concern.

    – Susan Bergstrom

  • © Linda Callaghan
    © Linda Callaghan8 months ago

    have a wonderful time Susan…stay safe..nice to see your pretty, smiling face :) will look forward to hearing about your trip! x

  • Ann Warrenton
    Ann Warrenton8 months ago

    Your welcome. Stay safe and all of you have fun. No need to reply. :)))

  • barnsis
    barnsis8 months ago

    Looking good MT, I know you are having a wonderful experience. Some day I have to make it to your area, maybe in a couple of years.

  • GWGantt
    GWGantt8 months ago

    South Africa ?? I didnt think you could there from here . Bring back some cool Photos fr us to look at.

  • F.A. Moore
    F.A. Moore8 months ago

    Awesome Susan! Looks like SA is good for you. Have fun! Hope you get to meet up with Jolante!

  • © Angela L Walker
    © Angela L Walker8 months ago

    I miss you very much, my dear friend!