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Aberfoyle Park, Australia

Postcards from Home - March 2011 Challenge

The Challenge

We’ve all seen those cheap & tacky postcards & t-shirts aimed at the hapless tourist. They all look the same no matter where you are and none of them do the location justice. And even all that information from the tourist information seems to sound the same after a while. Well here’s your chance to fix that.

Design your own postcard. It can be a photograph, a t-shirt, or a written piece.It can be a beautifully inspiring piece of travel writing that will transport the reader to another place with carefully crafted imagery. It can be a piece of bush poetry that speaks to the heart of our culture. It can be a stunning image overlaid with some original verse.

Entry Rules

Entries should be between 10 & 200 words in length.

Any photographs/t-shirts submitted without overlaid words that suit this challenge will be removed.

Any photographs/t-shirts overlaid with words that only describe the location will also be removed. You may include whatever further information you like in the description & title sections but these will not be considered in the judging. Do however include details of the location for this challenge in either the title or description so we know where to visit when we fall in love with your words.

All entries must meet all group rules and be accepted into the group before entering the group. Any failure to comply with this rule will result in disqualification from this challenge.

Post the actual entry into Postcards from Home challenge forum topic not just the link. If you do not how to do this just ask one of the hosts and we’ll be more than happy to give you a hand.

Challenge Judge
Judge: Susan Adey

Judging Criteria
Entries will be judged on creativity, originality, beauty and humour. I’m looking for creativity, originality, beauty and humour. But most of all I’m looking for words.

Challenge Closes March 21st 8pm Adelaide time


Aside from the pride of winning this challenge there will be a Redbubble voucher of $20 available. The winner will also have their work featured on our home page and will be added to the featured members gallery.

Who can enter

Group members and hosts (except the judge).


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