Susan Vang

Susan Vang

Sacramento, United States

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Name: Susan Vang
Nick Name: Guy
Choice of medium: Sakura Pigma Micron 01, and 005
Other mediums: Pencil, watercolor, oil, acrylic
Paper of Choice for now: Canson XL 7×10, Canson XL 9×12
What do I want to be when I grow up: Wiser, patient, stronger, braver
Other serious hobbies: Writing a long trilogy and other stories
Likes: More sleep
Beefs: Waking
Music: Eclectic
Fav Color: Black
Fav Artist: Yoshitaka Amano
Sign: Gemini
Influences: Japanese Manga, Anime, RPG, myths and legends

Art Critiques? Are very welcome!
Writing Critiques? Are also appreciated!
(Please message me)

  • Age: 31
  • Joined: January 2013


Mage Sworn and other writings…

Mage Sworn, the Foundation of Alkanet is book 1 of a trilogy. My first novel ever and my first attempt at a love child. It’s 36 chapters long and is at 138,000 words. (It was longer before and I deleted so much over the years of editing it.) It’s a challenge still. / Soul Sworn, the Divine, book 2, is also complete. It is 42 chapters long at 134,000 words. I realized that I may need to add some t…
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Art featured on RB homepage! 1/22/13

I’m so stoked! Thank you so much RedBubble. I’m very honored to be featured on your Homepage. / Thank you F.A. Moore for pointing it out, how very gracious! Every other day I come into RedBubble and see the awesome new work on the homepage (I would never get to see what else is out there otherwise), and it’s an inspiring feeling to see one of my own among many other great works. I am deeply move…
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Drawing Influences

I like gestural lines and mark making, it brings a drawing to life. I’m not against smoothing things out and blending lines together, but something is lost when there isn’t, for lack of a better word, MORE. Lines are emotion. They give life and movement, soul and raw intensity. Because my world is an imaginary and illustrative world, where natural light doesn’t come into play, the strokes and cur…
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My Writing

When I was (I think) eight years old, and one of my sisters were six, we started writing each other stories. I don’t know how that came about or even who started it, but I think it was the best summer of our lives. (For being children that was). Her stories were great and they somehow seemed to be similar to mine. Our thought processes and our stories were closely intertwined as we were unable to…
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