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Canadian Author and Visual Artist Located Near Vancouver British Columbia

Creating artwork has been a way of exploring the shadowy places existing within myself. A form of self-discovery in its own way. I’ve always said that coming up with the ideas behind my paintings is like pulling strange shapes out from a dark corner; not knowing what’s coming, but pulling anyway.

Although my surrealist works appear to be somewhat ominous, they are not demonic, or from evil influences. They do explore the darker side of creativity, but the characters expressed in them are intended to be innocents tangled in examples of life’s difficult situations. I find that attempting to understand the negative and hurtful influences in our lives is a step towards the light, and not the other way around.

Taking a piece of paper and coming up with a sketch for a future surrealist painting is almost like digging around in white sand, and pulling up dinosaur bones. Ancient things which seem foreign to myself. Once out, and as I continue to pursue the ideas, the distorted images come to life all on their own. The eyes seeming to stare back, the limbs beginning to ebb and flow. The things which seemed so foreign to begin with become familiar. Become glimpses of myself, mirrors reflecting the workings of my inner worlds. Windows into the imagination.

With every creation comes a mystery to be explored. A story to be experienced. The not knowing of what comes next is what drives me forward. What pushes me to keep creating. To keep learning and growing. To never stop changing

  • Age: 31
  • Joined: January 2014


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Polite Temper Boy Book One: The Hermit is a psychological thriller/horror novella based in a medieval fantasy setting about Vincent Fane Dagabual, a soldier in the North Vellonian Infantry who gets knocked out during battle, and wakes up tied to a dead tree. Once awake he realizes he has been abducted by an elderly hermit, an ancient medicine man from a tribe thought to be extinct. The time spend…
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