Stephen J. Vattimo

Bridgeport, United States

Stephen J. Vattimo born 1965, in the Philadelphia area of the state of Pennsylvania. / Spent child hood in privet boarding school,due to...

I am a Poet,writer, and Artist My work is surreal in style and spiritual in nature. My Style is recognize by advanced design,High detailed subject mater complemented by the use of bright color.My the goal in my work is to communicate the teaching of the Bible in a way that will encourage people to grow closer to God.A lot of people paint or write because it is relaxing and fun. I find painting and writing to be hard work. I thank God every time i finish a work. Be cause it is He who give the vision of what i am going to write or paint. It is He who help me accomplish it.I seldom use real models. I rely on getting my models from photos in books. I spend 50% of my time on a work researching my subject and work out the designs in my sketch book. when i work on the canvas I don’t sketch my subjects with a pencil first , i paint them right onto the surface.My favorite medium is acrylic paint. I like all the neat additives this medium offers for creating texture and sculpting figure on the canvas to cause a three-D effect.My poetry Is not very rhyme, instead it’s filled with parables. I seek to teach a spiritual truth not to have a certain rhyme.
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“Warning!” / Dear friends, I am warning you of a On line company that I bought from them a deck of 99.9 gold foiled poker cards for $20.00. With this purchase I was supposed to receive a display box which is wooden with felt inline. I was also supposed to receive a card that certifies that the cards are 99.9 24K foiled cards. / I check their page out for my product and found that they we…
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Stepping Over the Line

Stepping Over the Line / Friends , have you been watching these protest by the progressive lefts against Donald Trumps election as president. I watched Ashley Judd compare President Trump Presidency to The election of the Nazi Party, Well the Democrat evidently don’t know the History of Nazi Germany very well. The Nazi Party used public disturbance, destruction,murder,of political parties t…
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Winds Of Change

Friends, did you watch President Donald J. Trump Inauguration speech on Friday? If his White House stick to his vision he laid out in His exception speech,and with our nation turning our face back to honoring God, our nation will be back on the road to recovery. Becoming the nation once again,that the Founding forefather had laid the foundation for and dreamed would flourish. And the Leftist Medi…
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Breaking The Code.

Some men say the reason they have problems with the women in their lives is because woman speak in code and men have a hard time figuring out what they are trying to say. Where men claim that when they communicate they speak straight forward and their is no underlining meaning to their words.. / Well woman,you can catch your man in the act of speaking in code. For example when you and you…
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It pain me to say it, but our country is at the edge of another civil war.

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.The biblical true is that Angel are a species or separate creation then humans are. / So human can never become Angel.

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What Is the Difference between Knowing God and Being Religious?

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Have you ever listen to a sermon in church , and your mind comes up with a joke about some thing the preacher just said,

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Could the incident I was evolved in been A probe of the security of the Presidential Motorcade by a terrorist group,to later plan that atta…

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Don’t walk around aimlessly / Don’t leave your armor on your bed chamber’s floor / Keep your eye and ears focused on Jesu…

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“Madam Secretary Clinton, with you experience we don’t think you are qualified to be the President of Our Hotel Chain.”
Idolized MasK by Stephen  J. Vattimo
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