I am a Poet,writer, and Artist My work is surreal in style and spiritual in nature. My Style is recognize by advanced design,High detailed subject mater complemented by the use of bright color.My the goal in my work is to communicate the teaching of the Bible in a way that will encourage people to grow closer to God.A lot of people paint or write because it is relaxing and fun. I find painting and writing to be hard work. I thank God every time i finish a work. Be cause it is He who give the vision of what i am going to write or paint. It is He who help me accomplish it.I seldom use real models. I rely on getting my models from photos in books. I spend 50% of my time on a work researching my subject and work out the designs in my sketch book. when i work on the canvas I don’t sketch my subjects with a pencil first , i paint them right onto the surface.My favorite medium is acrylic paint. I like all the neat additives this medium offers for creating texture and sculpting figure on the canvas to cause a three-D effect.My poetry Is not very rhyme, instead it’s filled with parables. I seek to teach a spiritual truth not to have a certain rhyme.
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Public Showing of Art

Well friends, / Three Stephen J. Vattimo paintings are going to the King Of Prussia Mall to be up for sale and display in The Nestology Store located on the second level between the urban clothes store and the African store in the court. / So like the pinocchio story,where he dreamed of being a real boy, / I once again get to dream that I am a real artist.
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Reaching For A Dream

Dear Friends, / I am seeking the Lord , and help from friends who believe in my art and poetry. / I believe the time has come to adventure out and take a chance on publishing a book of a collection my poetry and art. I had a phone interview with a agent at a Christian sub division Publishing company of Thomas Nelson Called West Bow Press. They have a publishing packages that run anywhere from $9…
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He Has Gone Before Us

Dear friend, / when you are going through a hard time in your life, do you get temped to accuse God of having no idea what you are going through? Well the Bible teaches that through Jesus His Son, the God who created all things left His throne in Heaven, and became a human being ,so that the invisible God became visible and dwelt with man. / His purpose was to teach man how to live a prosp…
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New YouTube Videos Of Short Humorous Stories

Today I recorded two new short story videos on YouTube. The total of 11 videos are ready to make you laugh. / I hope you will enjoy them. / The title of the two new video are as follows: City Boy’s Fist Fishing Trip ,Firework At The Beach. / My channel is named Stand Up Funny Man. You can Search it under my name : Stephen J. Vattimo
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