The Light House

There once was a world that was engulfed in darkness,
by heavy clouds of tyranny, and social oppression.

Across a great ocean, in a new discovered land,
some dreamers share a vision , of a land removed from the clouds of darkness.

So they labored together , to build a light house,who’s light of liberty and justice ,
would shine freely on every one in the land.

That every one who receives the light, will have freedom to chart their own course of their destiny.

The dreamers constructed their light house using bricks made of the substance of:
Fear of God, love of one’s neighbor, high morals, integrity, sacrifice, perseverance,
courage, hard work.

People from far away lands, boarded vessels of air and sea, to escape their countries that are enslaved by the darkness, to start a new life in the land of light, and freedom.

Through out the life of the light house, many storm have rage against it’s structure,
yet it’s light of hope never went out.

As the light house aged, it’s bricks became brittle, So it’s keepers began to replace the original bricks with new one, that made of the substance of: Apathy toward God and His Word,envy, self indulgent, immorality, slothfulness.

When the storms beat against the reconstructed light house,
the new bricks crumbled,and the structure was reduced to rubble,
and the light of liberty and justice went out.
The clouds of tyranny and social oppression, returned and engulfed the world.

written by Stephen J. Vattimo April 3, 2009

A short, poetic , allegory, story of a nation that rose on the building block of high moral standers, then crumble to the ground, when those building blocks were replace with block of immoral substance.

Stephen J. Vattimo born 1965, in the Philadelphia area of the state of Pennsylvania.
Spent child hood in privet boarding school,due to hyper activity and not able to function in structure setting.
graduated from boarding school and attended regular public High school and graduated.
Served in the U.S. Military ,U.S. Army,Pa National Guard,Army reserves,Civil Air Patrol.
Artistically: Painter,Poet,Humorous short stories,commentator

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  • Narcissus17
    Narcissus17about 6 years ago

    You, sir, are kool. I wonder also if this is a wholly hypothetical nation? Excellent narrative.

  • Narcissus17,

    Thank you for taking the time to comment on my poem entitled, " Light House."
    The poem is an allegory of the United States. may of the founding father were of Christian faith, and may believed with out this nation clinging to God for guidance, and his protection, this nation would not survive.
    Through history the would has been ruled by tyrants,and through social oppression.
    The birth of the United States , introduced to the world, to the idea of personal right, to have freedom to control one’s own destiny, and that justice is a privilege every one is entitled to
    no matter what social class you are in.
    So through out the history of this country, we have been a beacon of hope to those who lived in country were tyrants ruled, and liberties were determined by your social status, meaning if you were born into a rich family, then you had liberties, if you were born poor, you were a slave to serve the rich. So people from around the world gave up every thing , to come to this country, to live in a land were they will be free to make a life for them self.
    Due to this country turning it’s back on God, and growing immoral,and violent, and lawless,and unjust, God has taken away his hand of blessing, and even possibly his hand of protection.
    What can we do? Are we domed? If we turn from the sins mentioned above, and once again respect and obey God, He will restore this nation.
    Stephen , for Surealworld galleries

    – Stephen J. Vattimo

  • Narcissus17
    Narcissus17about 6 years ago

    Yeah, i figured it was about the USA.
    Firstly, the founding fathers hardly introduced liberty to the world lol… they introduced it to the colonies, but, yes, ofcourse America became a beacon of hope.
    Secondly, i’ve always fancied that god likes to switch nationalities. He’s been… egyptian, roman, British, American… i think he’ll be chinese next ;-)
    Lastly, Obama is a beacon to many ;P

  • Estelle O'Brien
    Estelle O'Brienabout 6 years ago

    a sad and insighful poem my friend, so well written from your heart. I think you are right…I was in your country a couple of years ago and I was driving across New Mexico and as I was praying …I began to weep and I had a vision. I saw your country like a huge strong man, but he was falling over, toppling like a giant and was staggering down upon one knee, wounded and about to fall over, and I felt God’s heart heavy with grief.

  • solareclips~Julie  Alexander
    solareclips~Ju...about 6 years ago

    I really enjoyed reading this piece Stephen. It is a real shame that the powers “at be” have decided to turn their backs on God, and what this country was created for!! If the founding fathers knew then what we know now do you think that they would have done anything differently? I wonder if the constitution would have been written differently?

  • solareclips~Julie  Alexander
    solareclips~Ju...about 6 years ago

  • I am sorry if I took a week to get back to you, concerning your question, would the founding father still keep the style of government, they set up, if they saw the mess this country is in? I think they would not change our government system, I think they would be shocked by how degenerated the American people have become, concerning the areas of spirituality,morality,ethics,integrity. These value were the building blocks that brought the united States from a struggling dream, to a world power, that lead the free world. But now these build block have crumbled to dust, do to the rejection of God, and the council of His holy Word. Now, not all the founding father were Christian, but 75% of them did share the belief that there was a supreme being, who was the author, of creation, authority to judge,provider. They knew without God’s protection, provision, and Guidance, The United States would not withstand the storm that were on the way.
    There is nothing wrong with the style of government this country has, matter of fact it’s the best in the world!
    The problem is the American peoples’ heart.

    Stephen J. Vattimo, for Surealworld Galleries

    – Stephen J. Vattimo

  • lacewren
    lacewrenalmost 6 years ago

    Interesting parable, and I intend no offense, but those same original-substance bricks were used in milleniums past to build in the Middle-east Temples, Churches, and Mosques. The apothetic bricks were hurled as weapons by each against the others. I don’t see a Lighthouse crumbling, only that the prizms are dirtied by too much smoke. Again, no offense intended.

  • Stephen  J. Vattimo
    Stephen J. Va...almost 6 years ago

    You comment rings somewhat true, when it comes to the rise and fall of nation. God who is holy, rise nations, and by man’s degenerate nature, people of a nation tend to forget God when the nation prospers, and they turn from obeying his commands, and this is when god must bring His hand of judgment , and the fall of another nation takes place. Read the old testament, see how God dealt with Israel, every time the people disobeyed God, they were punished,and when they turn from the true God, to worship other God’s made of wood, metal,and stone, they were handed over to their enemies in captivity.
    My conclusion is , god has set up laws in His creation, and ever action causes a reaction, and their no bend His laws.

    Stephen , For surealworld Galleries.

  • Ann  Warrenton
    Ann Warrentonalmost 5 years ago

    July 18,2010 Wonderful work!

  • FlowersEtc,

    Thank you for featuring my poem,The Light House,on the group,Bits And Pieces.


    – Stephen J. Vattimo

  • Ann  Warrenton
    Ann Warrentonalmost 5 years ago

  • Tony Ryan
    Tony Ryanalmost 4 years ago

    Hi Stephen,

    the original lighthouse bricks sounded really cool. The only ingrediant I am confused by is fear of God. Can we ever be truly free in existence if we carry fear especially fear of such a loving source?

    Best Wishes Tony

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