The Creation Cries Out by Stephen  J. Vattimo

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Medium : Acrylic on canvas

Size: 2′ × 4′

Year painted :1998

This painting was done for my sister. she loves Dolphins and she asked me when will i paint a picture for her. When I consider doing this painting I thought about how could I design a illustration that would use the names of fish to teach her the attributes Jesus had being the Son of God and Savior of the world.The names of the fish who reveal some thing about Jesus’ character are labeled in red, just as word that are spoken by Jesus are printed in red in a red letter edition Bible. The fish who labeled are blue are different breeds of Angel fishThree dolphin represent the trinity of God, the Father, the Son, the Holy Spirit.The silhouette of the three men on crosses represent the price Jesus paid on the cross to buy man out of slavery of sin and deliver man from being cast into the eternal lake of fire.The black and white fish is called a Sheep Head. John the baptist had call Jesus the lamb of GOD who would take away the sins of the world .The reddish orange fish is called a Flaming Angel . John said that he baptized people with water to call themselves back to God and to repent from their sins. He said that Jesus would baptize with fire the person called the Holy Spirit.The gold yellow colored fish is called the Shepherd Angel. In the Bible Jesus is referred to being the good shepherd because He takes care of His followers as a sheep herder would take care His sheep. He provides for their needs and protect s them from danger.The brow fish with the fanned out fins is called a Lion fish. The Bible call Jesus the lion of Judea. Jesus first came to the earth to deliver man kind from sin by offering His live to pay for our sin. the second time He comes, He will come to set up His earthly kingdom and rule over all the nations for a thousand years.The small fish with a scarlet color head is called a King Demoiselle fish. Jesus will have all authority to rule over all the nations given to Him From God The FatherThe large orange fish with the green fins is call a Rainbow parrot. The rainbow represent a covenant between man and God. Just as God put a rainbow in the sky once the great flood ended to remind man of Gods promise not to destroy the world by flood again. So do we have a covenant through the blood of Jesus that if man will except the terms to be delivered from sin it’s eternal punishment, .and turn from pursuing a rebellious life toward God’s. God will give them eternal life.The sleek brown and white fish is called a school Master. Jesus spent his last three year of His life teach about who God is, What heaven is like, what hell is like, What is sin and how it keeps man separated from God. what is God’s plan to redeem man from sin. He taught how man should live to be pleasing in God’s sight.

Stephen J. Vattimo born 1965, in the Philadelphia area of the state of Pennsylvania.
Spent child hood in privet boarding school,due to hyper activity and not able to function in structure setting.
graduated from boarding school and attended regular public High school and graduated.
Served in the U.S. Military ,U.S. Army,Pa National Guard,Army reserves,Civil Air Patrol.
Artistically: Painter,Poet,Humorous short stories,commentator

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    KEITH R. WILL...over 6 years ago

    great artwork

  • I thank you for you encouragement . I hope you will enjoy my other paintings. I will shortly be desplaying my poetry too. I will drop by to your site to see your work . Keep in touch.Stephen

    – Stephen J. Vattimo

    KEITH R. WILL...over 6 years ago

    will do chill

  • Estelle O'Brien
    Estelle O'Brienover 6 years ago

    Wow Stephen, you have put so much work and thought into this…it it wonderfully inspired creativity. I love it and what you wrote about it.

  • I lthank you for you word of encouragement. I hope you have been blessed by God through this art. I will soon be displaying my poetry on this site too. I am thankful to God to have the oprotunity to share the Good news using the gift He has given me. I hope you will come back often to this site. I will be stopping over to you site to chech out your work. I hope to speak with you again.Stephen

    – Stephen J. Vattimo

  • pheonixit
    pheonixitover 6 years ago

    Thanks for sharing Stephen, I see you are heavily into the bible. I to went through a period of growth artisticlly when the bible was my only teacher. I gave my life to Jesus, many years ago.

  • Tony Ryan
    Tony Ryanover 6 years ago

    Hi Stephen,

    Interesting creation and words. Personally I wonder if Jesus is already here again. I feel a sense of his precence. I also wonder if he will ever materialise again as a single entity. I think perhaps he is here working through multiple human forms. I truly belive in eternal life but believe Jesus’ main message is for people to find the God witin themselves.

    In this way he is not a saviour but an energy to help people to help themselves and in turn help each other. We are presently in a confusion between our hearts and our need to please society. I believe that creative people have the capacity to chanel Jesus energy and that if they truly follow their hearts that they will help greatly to bring Jesus’ message to material reality. In this way they will bring light to society so that the gulf between public conditioning and heart truth is bridged.

  • Stephen  J. Vattimo
    Stephen J. Va...over 6 years ago

    Hi Joe,

    Thank you for your words of encouragement . I hope you will enjoy my other painting.I will soon be dispaying my poetry, i hope they will be a blessing. I believe The power of God dewells in His believer through the person of the Holy Spirit. His ministry is to teach, give unerstanding, comfort, inpower, and to comunicatour our prayers to God.I believe Jesus is in heaven doing His ministry as a defendant lawyer of Believers who Satan accusess befor The judge God the Father.Now sin befor a Holy god can not go unpunished. So the Judge ask the defedant to address the allegation brought against His client. Jesus step forward and say, " My client is innocent ,Because i paid the price for sin by laying my life down on the cross. "I believe when Jesus’s ministry in the court room in heaven is over, He will come back to the eath to rule over all the nation and the perfect utopia man has been longing for will be astablished.I thank you for this time to exstange believes.Stephen
  • Carlos Teófilo
    Carlos Teófiloover 6 years ago

    Fabulous work my friend.

  • Thank you fore your words of encouragement. I hope you will be blessed by God through my work. This is the reason i paint and write.Stop by any time.Stephen

    – Stephen J. Vattimo

  • Farmncamera
    Farmncameraover 6 years ago
    This is one of my favorites in your work. I was also thinking that even the earth is groaning under the weight of sin, and awaits its redemption also. As to one comment, if we follow our hearts, that can only lead to evil as the heart that is unredeemed is evil…and separate from God. Only what God has provided through His son will bring the heart into purity. So, an unredeemed heart…even when it does “good”….counts for nothing in the sight of God. Only what is done with a heart that is washed in the blood, is counted as pure and excepted in the sight of God. It can not be both ways. For there is only one way… it is the narrow..way. Jesus. :) God can not be God, if we are God. That is what satan wanted to be…..was God….but it didn’t work then, and it won’t work now..
  • sra58
    sra58over 6 years ago

    This is very nice work. God bless you.
    Sharon A.

  • Sharon A.,

    Thank for you word of encouragement.

    – Stephen J. Vattimo

  • Holly Werner
    Holly Wernerover 6 years ago

    Great work.

  • Holly,Thank you for your words of encouragement. I am glad you have been bless by one of my works, art is a great gift from God.Stephen

    – Stephen J. Vattimo

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