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Medium : Water Color Markers on illustration Board
Size 2′ × 4′
Year completed : 1991

This illustration is part of a collection of artwork I did while in the military entitled, “The Army Years”,
I served in the Army National Guard for 5 years, and the regular Army for 4 years.
One of the main reasons I got out of the military is because I didn’t have much time to do my art work. While I was stationed in Germany I did a few poster, and banners for a German/ American Play house, and I was in a European art show.
This illustration was done during The Desert Shield / Desert Storm, during this war many soldier were afraid that are military equipment would fail to function do to the desert sand. While i was station in Germany, I attended a christian hospitality house, that ministered to military personnel, and their families. I knew and heard of soldiers who died or were wounded in the war,
we prayed for God’s protection for those we knew were in harms way.
I believe the reason the casualties were low for the collision force is because God gave them a swift victory on the battle field. No one should think that it was just might , and smart bombs, Iraq had the 4th largest military in the world.
The bible teaches that God, causes the rise and the fall of nations.

Decoding the symbolism :The " v " with lighting bolt shooting out of it =God giving the collision forces victory over the Iraq’s military.

The large bold eagle with the arrows in it’s right talon , and with it’s left talon open to attack, = the U.S. attacking Iraq.
The banner mad up of the flag of the collision,tie to the eagles open talon=
The U.S. leading the collision nation in war against Iraq .

The necklace with the cross attached to it, around the eagle’s neck =
God protect around the U.S. forces, result of intercessory prayer of Christians.

The flag of Iraq illustrated in the shape of the geological area mass of country, being shattered by the lighting = God judging Iraq, by giving the collision power to conquer Iraq, and occupy her land.

The land mass colored red at the bottom corner of Iraq = the country Kuwait , that Iraq invaded, that was the cause of the war.

Written by Stephen J. Vattimo
October 12, 2008


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Stephen J. Vattimo born 1965, in the Philadelphia area of the state of Pennsylvania.
Spent child hood in privet boarding school,due to hyper activity and not able to function in structure setting.
graduated from boarding school and attended regular public High school and graduated.
Served in the U.S. Military ,U.S. Army,Pa National Guard,Army reserves,Civil Air Patrol.
Artistically: Painter,Poet,Humorous short stories,commentator

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  • Marie Sharp
    Marie Sharpover 5 years ago

    Excellent image and message proclaiming the power of prayer!

  • Stephen  J. Vattimo
    Stephen J. Va...over 5 years ago


    I hope as people read the article that goes with the illustration, " Victory through Pray, that it will make people think, about our need to put God first, and submit our country to obeying God word, and submitting to his authority, instead of trying to kick god out of our country.If we don’t we might find God handing our nation over to the hands of our enemies.Stephen
  • DonDavisUK
    DonDavisUKover 5 years ago

    Great Artwork! and I also likes your statement that God causes the rise and fall of nations. I also think God is shaking this world’s confidence (faith) in the monetry systems. For years people have been thinking that Capitalism (Mamon) was the answer to the wrold’s problems, as Christians we know that only peace with God is the answer. Let us pray for the nations to turn back to God in repentance and faith. Don.

  • Don,

    Thank you for taking the time to comment on my illustration " Victory through pray. People around the world might ask, why I think God should judge one nation over another, The answer is, when a nation tramples the basic human wrights, that God has given humans, and the leader of that nation try to convince the world that He or she is a God, and then tries to conquer the world, starting in the middle east, as Saddam Hussein had try to do. Many world leader have come and gone who have set themselves up to be Gods, and then start destroying any one who doesn’t submit to their vision.But let as remember every leader who have done this, has been destroyed by the hand of God, from the Pharaoh of Egypt, To Hitler of Germany, to Saddam Hussein.Let us repent as a nation, for if our nation start to persecute christian, and becomes a atheist govern nation, we will be the next to fall.The turmoil we are face right now, weather disaster, financial melt down, Terrorist attacks, these are the result of our nation being shaken by God, who is trying to get us to repent, if we don’t we will be destroyed.Stephen

    – Stephen J. Vattimo

  • webbie
    webbieover 5 years ago

    Just awsome Stephen….AMEN:)

  • sharont
    sharontover 5 years ago

    This is very powerful. Prayer is the answer

  • It is true prayer is the answer, unfortunately we live in a sin fallen world, and the need to defend one’s self, and one’s country, call for a military to protect it, but we should not put our soul trust in the might of horses and chariots, but in both God, and our military. The Bible also teaches that He is the One who causes the rise and fall of the nations, in many times he has used war between nation to cause the fall or the rise of nation. Even John the Baptist did not tell the roman soldier to stop being soldier, when they asked Him what should they do, he told them not to use their might, or position, to abuse people.
    I share this with you , because many people have a problem with Christians being in the military, because of the command thou shall not kill, I think the real command is thou shall not murder, for even Jesus said, you who said in your heart , I have not murder anyone, but if you hate your brother, you have murder him in your heart.


    – Stephen J. Vattimo

  • Catherine  Howell
    Catherine Howellover 5 years ago

    This is a very good explanation above, where you have described being in the military. I am going to e-mail this to my son in law, who is in Afghanistan at this present time. Please keep Justin in your prayers.

  • webbie
    webbieover 4 years ago

    Amen…it is the only way…awsome art to go with the truth:)

  • Dear Sister, you know my motoe , if it doesn’t proclaim the Lord, I’m not wasting my time and talent to do it! For we must work while there is still light, for the days are getting dark!

    Stephen , For Surealworld Galleries

    – Stephen J. Vattimo

  • artisandelimage
    artisandelimageover 3 years ago

  • Marie Sharp
    Marie Sharpover 3 years ago

  • wolfepaw
    wolfepawover 3 years ago

    Powerful image!

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