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Terror And Peace by Stephen  J. Vattimo

Voodoo Economics

Hay, did anyone out there hear about Hillary Clinton’s Plan to improve the economy?

Rain or Shine the Boromitor Of Life

My answer is usually I am Hunky Dori,

Virtual Fantasy World And The Impact It Makes On …

“Why can’t be more like your brother, Charmander?”

Two Spirits Watching The Ocean Of Turmoil

Life is like being a passenger on a luxury ocean liner

In The Stands or Behind The Wheel

Cars cued up / Engines raving / Suspense and energy, thick in the air / We are gathered at the race track of life

This News Broadcast Was Sponsored By The Dairy Fa…

Hay any one out there notice some thing peculiar about the female anchors on News shows?

No Cheap Seat Around Here

I wander what a wealthy person would say if they went around complaining about being rich?

Our Church Serves Threes kinds Communion Wafers

The Guest ask his Friend, " Why dose you church have three tabernacles be hind the alter ?"

Angelic Traffic Cops

Here is a little wide known fact about automobile accidents on the Autobahn , They almost always involve a hundred car pile up.

Swabbing The Deck Talk


Flowers,Candy,Stuffed Bear ?

Well I saw a infomercial on television about a Class Action Law Suit against The Vermont Teddy Bear Company

Slide To Death Or Leap To Life

So doubt was creeping into my mine,“What if you slide off the bridge when you stand up to jump?” What if the snow gives away …

Logs And Chips

Well before I attempted to pull the handle on the toilet I took a look into the bowl to see how bad of a HAZMAT Accident I was about to tak…

Windows Of Heaven

Windows of Heaven / They are God’s children, / They are passages for God’s light to Pass through / To bring the warm light of …

Hen House Or Locker Room Talk ?

She is willing to climb in to my carry on gym bag so we can sneak off to the air plane’s Rest Room to join the Mile High Club with o…
Peace And Terror by Stephen  J. Vattimo

Body Acceptance

Well some people handle this problem by joining a support group .
Fuzzy Bear Pumpkin 2015 by Stephen  J. Vattimo Terror And Peace. by Stephen  J. Vattimo Flaming Skull 3D Pumpkin Carve by Stephen  J. Vattimo

Pumpkin Carving Experience Stretch The limits

I am real exhilarated to carve tomorrow night because I finally have found out what tools to purchase and use to execute 3-D pumpkin sculpt…

Pumpkin Walking Service

the second time going through the store entrance pushing a cart with just a pumpkin in it.

Pharmaceutical Society


Pharmaceutical Society

Peter Took His Eye Off Of Jesus And Started To Sink by Stephen  J. Vattimo

The Glory Of A Tree Or A Branch Of A Vine

If all your valued were stripped away, / would be like a tree who leaves were stolen away by the winds of a hurricane?

A Picnic That Ended With A Bang

The White House appointed team of science has discovered the cause,and they have dubbed it the BBBB factor.

We Fat Men Have A New Comeback line

We fat men have a new comeback line we can use that will make a rude person feel bad about them self for making fun of our roundness.

Family Genes

So one guy say to his friend, " I eat a health low fat diet and eat small portions, I still have high cholesterol. It’s runs …
All Mighty Piggy Bank by Stephen  J. Vattimo

Sail By God’s Compass And Map

To give them a lantern to shine a guiding light of optimism when they were lost in the darkness hopelessness

To Be Or Not To Be Politically Correct

.Any one know the politically correct way to tell a owner of a restaurant that the restroom is out of toilet paper ?

Telegram From Heaven

When God Winks At You." She had read in this book that when people are talking to a person about God,it is no coincidence .

Name Thy Self Foul Spirit

I Hear that there is this new theological theory about salvation, it’s call The Maxwell House Salvation theory.

Why Pay $ 99 To Say Good By.

So the commercial ends with the grateful little boy saying,“Go by Mr. Steamer.”

Eviction Notice

" Told my Shrink that my problems with my 8 spit personalities ruining my life was over."

Surprise Appearance by A Charter From Sesame Str…

I asked Him, "Do you work part time at Sesame Place ? " ( Sesame Street theme park)

We Don’t Work At Sea World

Do you know how a employer can tell if his new employee is a brown nosier ?

Breaking The Code.

Well woman,you can catch your man in the act of speaking in code.

Wild Flowers

They are nurtured and blessed from the helplessness of infancy to the glory of adulthood by the hand of The Creator

A Bird ’s Eye View

The daughter asks her father".Daddy,what kind of birds are those? "
The Price For Precious Life by Stephen  J. Vattimo A Boy's Lunch Feeds Five Thousand People by Stephen  J. Vattimo Fork In The Road by Stephen  J. Vattimo They Dropped Their Nets And Left Their Boat To Follow Jesus  by Stephen  J. Vattimo

Fly The Friendly Skis Or Play Russian Roulette ?

Well i have come up with a new remedy to over come my growing anxiety of travailing by commercial air lines.

Fueling Up With Green Gas

So the man who was observing this odd behavior goes over to the man park in front of him and asks him,’’ Why are you cramming t…

Mystery Of Missing Ships And Planes Solved

Well during one of my missions to defend the free world from enemies military forces. I launched one of my planes off my deck of my ship…

Dick’s Has A New Competitor.

It is owned by a activist group for woman who hate men.

Tuesday,Hump Day ?

(Mike..Mike ..Mike,Guess what day it is? ,Hump Day!)

Must There be Suffering,To Appreciate Joy?

First to understand the contrasts of experiencing good and bad things,we need to understand the source of their existence.

Cartoon Charactor Or Chippendale Dancer

Any one see the TV commercial for the new Sponge Bob Movie,"Sponge Out Of Water? "

Two bags

he asked me if I wanted my purchases doubled bagged ?

My Little Princess The Movie Star

People say there is nothing that can prepare a father for when his sweet little princess will grow up enough to start dating boys.

Dark Side Of The Moon

There is this man who is at a customer party who see this black woman who is wearing a black mask,black long sleeve turtle neck shirt, and…

Two Ways TO Heal A Nation.

The Bible also teaches that we are not to seek revenge on our enemies, but leave it to the wrath of God

Happy Meal Toys

Being surprised by this odd event,she ask her husband," Honey why did you have a toy pony in you underwear ?"

Sounds Like

So I told him it would be cool if he kept using both last names , just in case he turns into an alcoholic and gets busted for a DUI, and i…
 Pumpkin  design sketches for 2014 by Stephen  J. Vattimo

Do The Elves build toys or Nike Sneakers

I responded, " So the story of the Elve building all the toys that Sata Claus delivers to the good boys and girl every Christmas is ju…

EveryThing Is Not Better The Second Time Around

After the crowd of visitors walked away, I started a conversation with the reenactor. / In the opening conversation I share with him about…

Behind Dark Forgotten Doors And Walls.

To shed some light on the real live horror of abuse that I personally experience while attending a private boarding school for the emotiona…

Black Sheep Washed Whiter Than Snow

Instead of hanging me from a tree / They leave me in a dense dark forest / In the care of the hands of the wolves

Your Clothes Are Smoking

How did Fire Fighters determ this was the work of a Serial Arsonist?
Video Game Theme Department Goal chart by Stephen  J. Vattimo

Turn The Tables

You ever been asked a question by someone you think is trying belittle you before other other people?

It’s In The Code Of Our DNA

We can’t help but worship a god / It’s in the code of our DNA

The Interrupter

You ever get tried of hearing people who catch you talking to your self saying," Hay, talking to your self is a sign of mental illness…

Thank You ?

Well one morning after I handed a technician his equipment,He thanked me in spanish,in a joking manner He said", Grassy ASS ." …

I’m Not Living In Stealth Mode

I don’t have a college degree / But that doesn’t mean I am not wise enough to know the difference between darkness and light

Confusion In The Water Closet

Unless you are a closet Corn Farmer,

Invincible SuperHero

Don’t Gear when a SuperHero has fallen / less it becomes your Kryptonite / and you trip over your own cape.

Theistic Evolution Stinks!

A student asked the professor how did God put evolution into motion?

Vegan Craz At The Beach

Jaws the man eating shark / movie star was asked by TMZ ," Why out of a group of a hundred people in the water,did he attack and eat T…
The Three Witnesses by Stephen  J. Vattimo

Never Lost Just Redistributed

I wrote back to her," No , You didn’t loose 10 pounds."

Simple Solution

One day I was feeling so ill while I was at work,I thought I might be having a heart attack.

Good Vibrations

So I tell the surgeon I would if possible like for him not to take or leave anything in my body that is not crucial for the success of my o…

Passing Through

As he is going through the entrance to the hotel lobby, the Door Man say," Sir you need to get rid of some of that baggage your carryi…
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