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Stephen J. Vattimo born 1965, in the Philadelphia area of the state of Pennsylvania. / Spent child hood in privet boarding school,due to...

God And Talent

As a person who is publicly displaying three ares of talent:Art,Poetry,Short Humorous stories,and self promotion of my own work. I find it to be an up hill battle to find an audience who appreciate my work. Now I don’t want to mislead anyone, I do have a favorable audience ,it’s just smaller then I would hope fore.

So like many talented people, I envy the people who have broke down the door into the main stream ,with their work. At the same time I don’t envy people who’s lives and their talents are choreographed by a talent agency. I myself feel it more important to promote artistic work that comes from one’s heart, to create work one can stand behind, without having to offer apologies to my audience.
I also think people who are in the line light, need to remember who gave them their talents,and who allowed the doors of opportunity to be open for them. Most of all, one must realize that God who gives these gifts, will hold the receiver accountable for their stewardship of what they received.
I think an important think everyone need to remember, is that since God is the gift giver,then we should seek Him in prayer, for guidance on how we should use the gifts we have received..
For God has a unique plan for each persons life.
Therefor we should spend less energy in the act of envy of others, and put that energy into answering God’s call on our own life.

Written by Stephen J. Vattimo Sept 5,2010

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