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The bullied… Sit down, stand up, / Do as I say, / Or when you come in tomorrow, / It will be worse than today, / Empty your pockets, / Empty your purse,… The Horse… As I walked down a quite lane, / I saw a man with horse and cane, / I saw the mighty head was low, / As if in terror of its foe, / I saw th… The Cat. Silently he creeps upon his unsuspecting prey, / Eyes darting from side to side, / He crouches, / He pounce’s, / His prey heard and g… Road of life… To walk the road of life, / You need, / Trust,Hope, Faith,Determination,Love,Compassion,Laughter and Tears, / Fear and Joy,Skill and Unders… Reason Do you not find that everything happens for a reason, / Things change,so we can learn to let go, / And things that are good sometimes need … Test In life we are sent many things to test us, / But no matter what the test, / Or how many times we get knocked down, / The art is, / To have… Just for fun. I find to get on in life, / All you really need, / Is, / A backbone, / And , / A funny bone……. A momment of passion. ( a bit spicy) He strolled into the room his body glistening from the water drops that found every curve of his muscular torso, I watched as he strode th… Onwards You cant change what has happened in the past, / You can live with regrets, / But look onwards and upwards, / With striding steps, / March… Prayers pls I am asking all my friends on redbubble to pls pray for my little molly, tonight I acidently run over her after she jumped out of the car w… That special someone In the turmoil of my life, / I have met many people, / People who have proclaimed their freindship, / And who upon beliving them, / Have le… Life Life, / A great classroom of constant learning, Learning for what…. / Will it help in our afterlife…. / Life, / A haul up a mou… Today I Remembered. Today I stood in the pouring rain, paying my respects, / Watching all the people,gathered like me to remember / Lest we should forget…… Lost soul. The child within sits waiting, waiting in the shadows to be released.. to be free, / The child within, is waiting in me, / She got left beh… Little Poppy. Gently I bent down to pick up the small child that had stumbled in front of me, a big tear rolled down her face as she looked for somebody … For all us fat people….. Yes i’m fat, / Obese,large,huge ,over weight, / Whichever way you look at it, / I’m not thin, / I get called all the names goin… Sleeping in bluebell land...waiting for the fairies 2   Best viewed large. by supernan Phobics Nobody really understands,what we feel inside, / They only want to see what they want to, / They dont feel that little lump, / Or the heart… Saddest Hours Would my passing go unnoticed, / Would anyone really care, / Would you stand and weep over me, / Is there anything there, / Once life was … Love His lips carressed every crevis of my now weakened body,his hand swept around my breast stopping to fondle the now erect nipple sending rip… My Uncle. What worried you so, / We will never know, / We begged for help, but nothing came, / So who on this earth is to blame, / We didnt always s… Mum A Single tear falls down an already sodden cheek, / a small plump hand makes dirty tracks across a reddened snotty face, the once bright b… Be Thankful He sits in an open doorway, / A smoke in his hand, / Nothing to eat for him tonight, / For nothing he has found. / He pulls the blanket, ar… An Adventure. His feet kicked lazily at the mound of rotting leaves,looking up he could see the shaft of light, gently making its way through the trees n… Breakfast What i had for breakfast,well let me see / I have the same every day, / It dosesnt change for me, / One of this / Two of that,and Tuesdays… The boy His fingers grip the fragile wing of the butterfly, so still, he gently cradles it in the palm of his dirty grubby hand,nails blackened by … Ditto Pen on paper,writes words, / Words make speech, / And / Speech often makes trouble. The day. Rushing rushing everywhere, / No time to stop, / No time to spare, / No time at all / To stop and chat, / Got to do this , / Got to do that… Sanity… Who is to say, / What is SANE, / Or, / What is INSANE……, / The SANE could be INSANE, / The INSANE, / SANE, / I look out from my… Dad. I still remember,when I was young, / The joy and laughter and so much fun, / The time when as I grew, / You taught me what and what not to … The rift from a demon….. Today I sit and ponder, / Upon all things said and done, / The challenges we have faced, / As they have come along, / Today I sit and ponde… The Internment…. The sky is overcast today, / No sunshine out to play, / The sky is how our hearts are feeling, / Dull and Heavy / Devoid of joy, / We stand…