hi! i’m shabnam. i make stuff. lots of stuff. videos, logos, identities, posters, illustrations, animations, websites – you name it.

i started out as a self-taught twelve-year-old learning photoshop and painstakingly hand-coded HTML to share her fanart on the internet and wound up taking taking my childhood hobby to new heights by getting myself a bachelor of arts degree in graphic design from american university in washington, DC, and subsequently making it my career.

i’ve since been freelancing and working for clients like picture mill, a bunch of capital fringe productions, whatsgoodapps, and even a little something for ridiculously amazing author neil gaiman, to name a few. i’ve also been maintaining a youtube channel for over five years now, and have recently started a gaming channel as well.

my last gig was a contract at disney interactive as a production designer making my childhood self weep with joy and working on cool stuff like frozen, disney princess, into the woods, tangled, tomorrowland, and about a million other properties (which was super neat).

  • Age: 24
  • Joined: August 2012