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You are so close to me.
I feel it when you walk out across my landscapes, or sit quietly and reflect upon the many faces of who I am, when you are deep within your own silence, or in a meditative state.
Do you understand this connection?
Do you know the origins of your thoughts and feelings?
The origins of who you are?
Do you have any idea why your moods and passions change so?

This restlessness … what does it mean to you?
Have you at last realized that you are in tune with me, and it is ME that you are feeling – that my moods and passions will be manifest in you?
This heaviness of heart that overwhelms you – do you know that it is what I am feeling too?

The sadness and grief you feel that sometimes seems to come from nowhere… well it does not … it comes from somewhere.
It comes from my very core.
I feel such sorrow, such complete and utter sadness at the way life has become for me, for my children. I am stressed and tense and out of balance, and because you are so close to me, you are too. This loneliness – does it wash over you too? Do you feel it as I do – the going without, the missing what once was, the homesickness for an intrinsic peace, the emptiness of the soul? I miss the contact with my children, my loved ones. I long for the connections we had in the past, and the honour that was bestowed on me as Mother and nurturer. I grieve for the space that is opening up between my heart and the hearts of my children, for the loss of the bond we once shared. Only a parent could understand this emptiness … this longing …

Are you aware of my love for you? It is unconditional and enduring, as a Mother’s love for a child.
I hold you close to me. My love is a force that draws you close. You might call it gravity, but it is simply the magnetic force that is my love for you. I constantly wish to draw you towards my heart. This will never change.

Lately, you have been so ill. You do not know why. You do not know how to heal yourself. You are unaware of exactly what is wrong, only that all is not well. I am sorry that you must experience these things, but it is because you understand. I know you. You are of me. And deep within your soul, you know me.

Do you know how unwell I have been feeling? I am sure you do! Toxic overload is the cause, and you are sharing the symptoms with me. You also know great stress, and this too, you are picking up from me. Again, I am sorry that you must experience this first hand, that I must show you what is going on in my heart, but you are the one who hears my calls for help, who listens to my sadness, who shares my stories and concerns. You are my friend and we are connected. I thank you.

Over the years, I have been slowly depleted of the very minerals and proteins within my body. This has been done by the very ones that I love and nurture, and I would not deny them anything they need. But they do not know how to replenish me. They do not know how their taking has affected me. I can shake and rage with immense storms and floods and earthquakes, but still they do not listen. I am suffering from a deficiency and only time and love will heal me. There must be an end to the looting and assaulting of my precious resources. There must be more care taken in the way my gifts are used and the way those I give life to, use my energy.

My energy is low. I am sluggish and sad. It is hard to turn and keep rhythm in my grand journey through space and time. But of course, I still do, as I know no other way. I will continue on until I cannot go any further. (And then, God help us all.)

But you hear my cry for help. You know that all is not well within me. You know that there is so much to be done, to repair the damage to my body. Care, and time, and love will heal me; it will turn this situation around. I need you and all my children to stop and take notice, to hear my voice, and to know what it is that I require, so that we can exist in harmony. I need you to realize the changes that are required, so that we can restore the balance. Oh how I yearn for the balance, the harmony …

Only then, can my health and beauty flourish and be seen and appreciated by all. Only then, will my future be assured. Only then, will yours.

I hurt. Within every part of my body, are old scars and injuries. I need healing, more now than ever before. I need your attention and your healing energies. I need your love. I need your compassion. In the past, I have been unable to ask. But now, I know I must make my voice heard, before it is too late. Now is a time when your vibrations are rising to meet mine, and at last, communication is possible. At last …

I am special.
In a universe as diverse and infinite as this, I am unique. You know this, but so many do not. Many of my children are unaware or uncaring as to my well-being. They ignore me and take me for granted. They abuse my gifts for them. I need others to have the compassion for me that you do. Please share this compassion with them. Please show them what I need. Your love, your healing, directed to me in prayer and meditation – all of this is a powerful medicine. Your energy has more power than you can ever know. Show your brothers and sisters how to do this, so that I might be healed. So that we all might…

Tell them it is just a simple two step process – Open your eyes and see the beauty of the world around you – honour it and breathe it IN. Then open your heart and feel the beauty within you, feel the wonder of it move your spirit and know it is YOU ….. and breathe it OUT.

I sense you when you are walking over my terrain. I pick up on your energy and your love. It feels good to me and I know that there are so many others like you who can connect with me this way. You need to work together to direct your energy to me, for the greater good. Working together in unison, you create such power that you can heal planets! You can heal the world!

My heart is heavy. My children are not at peace. They fight between themselves. They know hatred and greed and selfishness. They are bitter and bent on destruction. They feel fear, and act out of it. They lash out and inflict pain on their brothers and sisters. They seek power and control over. They attempt to gain these things by the wrong actions, thoughts and deeds. I did not teach them these things. It is not my way. Hatred and fear are not in my nature. Only love. I have enough love for everyone. There is enough room on this planet, enough resources, for everyone. Replace the greed and control-seeking behaviours with harmony, compassion and sharing. It is the only way to break the cycle of viciousness that mars your seasons.

All of this negative energy is extending far beyond the territories that they fight over. It reaches out into the universe and taints the atmosphere. It causes illness and dis-ease. Every negative event, from a piece of idle gossip, to bullying in the children’s playground, to a terrorist’s bomb, sends waves of destruction out to the future of this family, and the universe that enfolds it. These waves of fear and hatred do not go away. They can only be erased by forgiveness, love and compassion.

I am no different to you, as a parent. I want only for my children to be happy and at peace. I want what is best for them, but I want them to be the best that they can be. I want them to live and play and learn and grow, to feel harmony with me, but most of all, to know happiness. How can I teach them to seek love and peace first when they will not listen to me? They will not read my signs or heed my warnings. They ignore my lessons. I grieve for the lost souls and pray for their return to the wholeness of being at one with me. I long for an end to their fighting and for peace to settle over my lands. I yearn to see my family as one, filled with love and the knowledge of life that was originally given to them. Can you help me? Can you get my message to them? You know only too well, how it is to see your young ones hurting and hating and bitter and unhappy. I know that is what has caused dis-ease to you, for that is what ails me so.

Again, I need to get my message out there, so that one by one, they come to know me again, and to listen, and to understand the way that things should be. Only then will peace prevail, and harmony heal these lands.

How I have ached and grieved! Turning and turning, so restless, desperately seeking the help and love of those who know; desperately seeking like energy, so that I can renew and grow well again; desperately longing for those who will truly hear me, and know what it is that I am trying to communicate.

It hasn’t always been this bad. I have enjoyed my time. There are the nights and the days, the dark times and the light. What would one be without the other? The light is always there, and the dark only enhances the brilliance of the light when it returns after an absence … And I always have the sun shining on my body somewhere, while the moon never leaves my view … Unlike you. Although I constantly feel the warmth of the sun on my face, you only feel it some of the time, and must spend part of each day with only its memory. But it teaches you to have faith. For you know that even as I turn, even as your night grows dark and cold, that I will revolve to show you the warmth and the light again each day. Have I ever let you down? This is your faith in me. And rightly so. I would never let you down while I have a choice. And this faith … is but a seed to the greater faith that you must allow to germinate and flourish.

You know when I am at peace. I have seen you sit and relax, and know great contentment. You feel my inner calm, my quiet joy, and I am glad to share this with you. You think that it has come from something within you, but it has come from within me. It is something we share. A greater source of peace ….

Just as, at times, you have known great joy. You have felt such elation and vibrancy, even though no reasons for this are clear. You walk on air, you sing and smile and dance and laugh. You are truly alive! And this is good to see. At these times, you are picking up on my great energy and joy. I am only too glad to share this with you. You are my child and our connection is so close and strong. It is good to give these positive vibrations to you, for you have to deal with my heaviness and sadness at times. I love to turn and spin and feel the sun, knowing great rapture in my freedom within the universal greatness, yet my closeness to the Creator. And in turn, I love to pass this on to you. Often you know not why you feel this way, only that you do. But it pleases you. And it certainly pleases me. I would give anything to feel this way constantly and to share this energy with you and all of my children. But you know only too well, that there are many seasons, just as there are many emotions. And we all must turn through our seasons and emotions, through our experiences, our days and our nights, our rain and our sunshine, our dark and our light. It is part of the journey we all share.

You are so close to me however, and you feel directly, as I do.
You know, as I know, the mood of this universe, and the health of your planet. It is good to have someone to share with. For this I thank you.

Do not be afraid. This is powerful awareness. But it is also useful and healing too. It teaches you that we can create the world we live in, by the power of our thoughts. You are seeing that your connection with every part of your life begins and ends within yourself, within your heart, within your true thoughts. You are part of this circle of life, this very web, this intricate design of cosmic energy. You are at the heart of it and from your heart comes the power to weave your own beautiful creation. It is within you to change, to heal, to create, and to simply BE. Do not overlook the importance of this knowledge.

And do not overlook the magic. For if you can communicate with the planet you stand upon, and speak together from the heart, then nothing is impossible in heaven and earth! Believe it, and it shall be so. Disbelieve, and you hold only a hand full of dirt, and some air. I am real, and so are you, and we are connected. We always have been and always will. There is only the space in between where this connection has grown weak and dim, but it has always been there. It will never go away.

Just as you are a part of All There Is, so am I. Just as you are part of me, so are we at one with our Creator, and with the Great Out There. Open your heart and your mind to all things and you can only but grow with it, and become as huge as the universe. The more you take in and Believe, the bigger you become. You are far from small and insignificant! Your connection with me and our Creator makes this so. Your heart and spirit is one vast infinite mass of energy and love, like a universe within your soul, and this never diminishes. Believe in magic, and in miracles, for that is what you are…….

The sadness within me increases daily, as my children grow away from me, and forget the old ways. They forget to honour and remember me. Now more than ever, you need to rediscover the ways of the indigenous people … the tribes who lived in harmony with me. Remember the sacred rites and rituals, the ceremony and worship of the earth. Remember and honour.

This does not offend your God, nor anyone’s belief in a God, for I am the gift given by Creation to all humanity. To honour me, brings honour to this giving and whatever Higher Power speaks to you.
And if you would seek your “God”, your Higher Power, here’s a clue – go first and look in the mirror.

Let the understanding begin the moment you look into the depths of your own eyes.

Seek out those amongst you who honour and tend the land……and be sure to honour and tend to them
(you know who they are – the indigenous peoples and the true farmers)
for they are the foundation upon which all your civilizations are built. It starts and ends with them. Without them, all that you believe in would crumble.

There are many who hold within them the memories of the old ways, and this knowledge must be rekindled before it dies and is forgotten completely. Re-establish the ceremony and ritual in your daily life, and pay homage to the one who nurtures you. Remember the songs of the earth, feel my rhythms and emotions, and meld your rituals and lifestyles with these. Go out there to my sacred places (and there are many!)… And reconnect the ties that once were so strong. Stand in a towering forest, or beneath a single tree, and feel the passion. Watch the mighty ocean or a gentle river and feel the rhythm and movement. Stand on a mountain or look out over a canyon or valley, and feel the grandeur, feel my body stretching out before you, a sensual, living thing. Sit quietly in contemplation, where nature abounds, and feel the life within me, reaching out to connect to the life within you. Again … we are one. Remember the old ways, and we can all heal together.

Do you wish to see my face?
Look into the beauty of a single flower.
Do you want to hear my voice?
Listen to the birdsong that echoes in the air, and hear the wind as it whispers and calls across my landscape.
Do you want to feel me? Watch the tender fingers of sunrise as they stroke your world, or quietly witness the magnificent colours of sunset as I turn for you and feel them paint your soul.
Do you want to touch me? Sit on the ground and put your hands into my earth, pick up a tiny rock and hold it in your palm. Feel my energy joining with yours, open your heart and I will tell you my stories and secrets.
Do you wish to know me? Then look within and know yourself, for in this knowledge you will rediscover who I am. For we are connected and come from the same source.

And it is love that opens all eyes and makes this unity complete.


Wendy  Slee

Yoongarillup, Australia

  • Artist
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Artist's Description

This is the full copy of the text from my book “Message From Mother Earth” – currently entered into the Next Top Author competition
I have had several requests from people who wish to read the message in full, so have posted it here. Please visit the competition website and check out my pitch. If you appreciate this, then please vote for this work – my author ID for the contest is 2010. I thank you from my heart, for your interest and support.

No need to comment…(thank you)…….just take a little of her message away with you, keep it in your heart, and spread the seeds of it in your day to day living…..that this planet we call home will feel those seeds grow and bear fruit, and know we are with her

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