I'm Still Standing!

Well kind of….…

Each day my ankle gets worse, until now I can’t even put it on the ground and am using the crutches all the time. After six weeks, it has become obvious that even with my stubborn, “She’ll be right mate” attitude, this aint gonna go away by itself.
The long awaited ultrasound today confirmed it. The ankle’s a mess and the ligaments snapped. ouch! Next step, MRI and surgery.

That will teach me for focusing on my camera while walking along a sea wall on a deserted beach in Bali, in the dark of night! And of course, steppng right off into nothing except the rocks below because I was too busy with a digital screen! A priceless move on my part! LOL Let that be a lesson to you! Photography in the dark, in a foreign land, high above rocks, is not always a safe pastime

The Good Oil...... hmmm

When faced with the enormity of the tragedy unfolding in the Gulf of Mexico, you cannot begin to fathom why any government would be granting licences for exploratory drilling off our shores here in Australia. Especially not in the very ocean regions that have already been listed as potential marine sanctuaries.
How can they justify this?
Except pure greed and stupidity.…

Case in point, one of the many “licences” being offered is for drilling in the Cape Mentelle Basin, just off the coast of Margaret River in the southwest of Western Australia. For those of you who are not familiar with this area, this is a pristine stretch of coast with an abundance of marine life, a yearly passage of and playground for whales and dolphins that provide great whale watching opportunities, world class sur

To Bali and Back

I feel as if I have been away forever from redbubble, maybe it really has been that long! Sometimes it feels as if I truly lost touch with so many of you and the beautiful flow of art and writing that i have always enjoyed here. For that I apologize. But when I glance back into the redbubble community, I see your familiar avatars and the ever present and constant flow of amazing photos and words and art and I know that all is well with you, and everything is as it should be. Even though I will never get to view all I have missed, let alone leave the comments you deserve, I still care for and appreciate the creative connections we have made.…

I hope one day to catch up with all of the work I have missed, but I know that might be easier said than done. LIfe has a way of dragging

Ooh the excitement....!!!

Firstly – I APOLOGIZE for harping on and becoming like a cracked record (well at least here on my keyboard it seems like I am that!) because you must be sick of hearing about my venture into publishing, especially if you have connected with me on facebook (sheepish grin….sorry guys…..)
it is getting way too exciting to keep quiet and you might just be able to help me….…

If you read my last journal, you will know that…..I have entered my book “Message From Mother Earth” into the Next Top Author competition…..and I just want to let you know that I am currently in THE TOP 150 ENTRIES (out of almost 3000 worldwide!)
I am so very excited and would just like to say a huge thank you to all my friends here who have supported me and helped me achieve this by voting for my book!!

But, and th

I need your support - Please?

Firstly, I would like to wish all my friends here on redbubble a safe and happy easter break. I hope this time will be a celebration of all the things that you believe in, that move and inspire you, and bring you closer to love and genuine happiness.

Secondly, I would like to ask for your help.
As you may know, I am very passionate about my art, photography and writing. I have had the opportunity to enter an international competition to find “The Next Top Spiritual Author”. This is a very exciting, but challenging process.

Many of you will know that I have self published three books of my art and writing. But these are way too expensive to attempt to sell mainstream, and I need to find a publisher or agent. The grand prize for this competition is a publishing contract with a pub

Three Weeks in the Life of a Blue Wren

My home is surrounded by gardens and forests and we have an abundance of these magnificent little birds – the spendid fairy wrens – more commonly known as “Blue Wrens”. I had the fun of watching a little female wren build a nest in the jade bush a few weeks ago right down at eye (read….CAMERA) level…..and the kids and I have enjoyed watching the whole process. As I took so many photos I thought I would just share them here as a journal rather than do multiple uploads.…

Little Mrs Wren …

and of course….MR Wren himself…..

Mrs Wren laid three eggs in her little nest, This was taken on Day Two of the whole process which took exactly three weeks from the eggs being laid till the baby flew the coop …….

On day eleven, the first egg hatched. The baby was smaller than my thumbnail, and

Lucky Me

It’s been a great week for me in the creative world, a wonderful antidote for some of the stuff happening in other parts of my world………
I would like to share some good news with you…… the annual Busselton Through My Lens Photo Competition has just been finalized for the year. It’s a great comp that draws in many people of all ages and both professional and amateur. This year saw over 200 entries go in, with many being displayed in the three main shopping centres for several weeks in October.

In the past, I have done well in the Professional Digital Art section, and although I had been under pressure this year with my exhibition, and therefore “rushed” my entries at the last minute, I still hoped I would do okay (plus the cash prizes are really really attractive and what can I say – y

A Glimpse of Stone Bros - the movie, and my Art Exhibition

09-09-09 saw the opening of my first official art exhibition…
I say official lightly as it was not a publicized traditional solo exhibit, but one held in conjunction with the Cinefest Oz French Australian film festival, which is held annually in Busselton. Some amazing films were on view for the public at the local Cinema, as well as many short animated clips showing daily at the ArtGeo gallery and cultural centre (where my art was on display)

The exhibition ran for one week to coincide with the French Australian Film Festival, a busy and exciting time for the arts in this region.
I was honoured to share my exhibition space with an incredible artist by the name of Troy Bennell. Troy is an award winning artist, highly acclaimed in the indigenous arts scene not just in australia, but int

and Where I am Going - A Solo Exhibition!

Last week I had the thrill of being offered my first solo exhibition. A solo exhibition was a long way from any of my plans, I could neither afford it, nor did I have the confidence to launch a whole selection of my work on the public in such a way of my own volition. However, the gallery where I volunteer (ArtGeo in Busselton) is for the second year in a row, the location for the renowned international event – Cinefest Oz French-Australian Film Festival and all the celebrations that go along with this huge event. Along with an Australian premiere of the movie Stone Bro’s and screenings of many new movies, there will be seminars, lunches, directors talks and events for VIP guests, all held around Busselton and at the gallery. The event coordinators requested a local artist to ex…

Where I've Been.......

I think most who will read this, know what it’s like when life grabs you in a choke hold and drags you away from where you “think” you want to be….or go…
For example….redbubble… or catching up with friends and family…… or …. anything really….…

I did not intend this to be a personal journal baring the soul, but I think it might turn out that way, as when I address ‘redbubble’, it feels like I am in the safe company of good friends, around a world wide campfire, rather than throwing my thoughts into the cold, blank void of the anonymous e-world, and that those who are listening to my voice here, are fellow souls who truly care. So in advance, I thank you for from the bottom of my heart for your time and friendship and understanding.

I have not been on here as much lately, have not been view

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