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I'm Still Standing!

Well kind of….

Each day my ankle gets worse, until now I can’t even put it on the ground and am using the crutches all the time. After six weeks, it has become obvious that even with my stubborn, “She’ll be right mate” attitude, this aint gonna go away by itself.
The long awaited ultrasound today confirmed it. The ankle’s a mess and the ligaments snapped. ouch! Next step, MRI and surgery.

That will teach me for focusing on my camera while walking along a sea wall on a deserted beach in Bali, in the dark of night! And of course, steppng right off into nothing except the rocks below because I was too busy with a digital screen! A priceless move on my part! LOL Let that be a lesson to you! Photography in the dark, in a foreign land, high above rocks, is not always a safe pastime! (well not if you’re clumsy like me!)

So I am confined to…..well, a life of hopping until I can get some surgery I guess.
Because there is no solution….I need to be able to move, with my kids and animals depending on me, my isolation etc, there just can’t be a “rest with your leg up”……..ever. To add to the confusion, my autistic daughter has had to suddenly come home to live with me, so I won’t just be hopping, I will probably be “dancing”! (or screaming) Universe, are you trying to tell me anything?

So now I have your sympathy…….(smiles)….can I ask you for something?
Of course, if you are on Facebook with me, you are probably sick to death of hearing about the Next Top Author Contest. But…..in case you didn’t know, I won my place in the top 250 authors out of over 3000 worldwide for my book “Message From Mother Earth”. (So YES, I AM still standing!) Now I am trying out for the top 25! In this round, my book will be judged by a panel of professionals, as well as the publishing house that is putting up the main prize of a publishing contract. But, fifty percent of the score will still come from people who vote for my book. That means YOU…all my poor friends, family, colleagues and anyone else I can pin down and beg ! lol.

So if you voted in round one, you may now vote again in round two! If you have not seen this contest before, I would welcome your view and your vote. Please visit www.nexttopauthor.com and register to vote, then search by my name or the magical ID number 2010 (or click on this link ) and you will see the book proposal I have presented as part of my round two entry, along with a copy of the book, text and images. I would be really grateful for your continued support of my entry in this global contest!

To those of you who have been so incredibly supportive (not to mention patient with my constant self promotions) thank you most sincerely……. your kindness means the world to me!

oh yes, and if you are interested in the chance to win a copy of my book, then please click on the email link there when you vote, to let me know, and I will enter you in the draw. (thank you)


  • Tiffany Rach
    Tiffany Rachover 4 years ago

    Awe Wendy! I hope you get well soon and many many prayers from me! See what photography does to people? LOL Ive had my fair share of oopsies but always keep your chin up! You’re very talented, and I hope you will heal fast. You have my continued support! Congrats on the book! I had no idea! A vote from me def!!!! Good Luck you need it since you didn’t really have good luck with your ankle….XOXOXOXO ~Tiffany

  • what a beautiful burst of energy! Thank you so very much Tiffany, for your lovely words…(hugs). and thank you for your vote too :-))

    – Wendy Slee

  • Tiffany Rach
    Tiffany Rachover 4 years ago

    LOL No problem! Im always here for my fellow bubblers! Ive found a new kind of peace since I became a mother so my “dark” days, I hope, never come back. So, I try to share my good energy for people who need it like, you, my friend!

    I hope this cheers you up cuz I nose it will:)

  • ahhhhLOL Tiffany, you are a hoot! (well your horse is!) Don’t you love animals! (or nature for that matter) They have a way of making us laugh and forget ourselves…… I am fine, really, I have to laugh at the situation as that is the best way to tackle it!!! (big hugs for your kindness)

    – Wendy Slee

  • H Maria Perry
    H Maria Perryover 4 years ago

    Awwww, Wendy I am so sorry to hear about your ankle. I know about not being able to sit down and rest. I voted for your book xoxo

  • seriously Helen, that is the part that frustrates the living “you know what” out of me. How the hell do we women sit back when all around there are so many who need us? I KNOW that you KNOW exactly what I mean. Now Laura had to be “rescued” after …. well…I will have to tell you THAT one privately…but imagine carers abusing a disabled person and you will see what has also unfolded around my family this week, and both my parents have needed me to take them to hospital, I am kind spinning out at all of “this”. Does it mean I will have to go “ask for help” ? WHoa! that’s a scary thought for me and I don’t even know who or where I would go to for help. No idea! Big lessons for me! Least i can still shake my head and laugh….coz the universe sure knows best! Thanks Helen, I knew you would have voted without me posting a thing here….. bless you! xxxxx

    – Wendy Slee

  • blamo
    blamoover 4 years ago

    get well soon take care of yerself wendy

  • Thanks Tone…..xx

    – Wendy Slee

    BIRGlTTAover 4 years ago

    Done deal. ;)
    I wish you all the best in this contest! I rarely ever (and I mean rarely) vote for these kinds of things, but because it’s you, that makes all the difference. :) This is day 4 with this monkey on my back- eating away at my head. (migraine- the same one….UGH..) Hopefully it’ll be gone soon. I’m just drained..

    Well keep me posted about your book and I’m rooting for you!
    (Now it’s back to bed for me I’m afraid.) I hope you feel better soon. :)

  • dear girl….having had those Migraines when younger, you have my utmost compassion…… I pray that the monkey will go back to where it came from! Please take care of you! (I always swore by mersyndol…don’t know if it’s available where you are, or even “fashionable” but it was a lifesaver for me and helped me to sleep myself back into wellbeing after a migraine)
    meantime refer to the above horsey image…I had to laugh…animals and nature have such a way of restoring our souls! hugs…hope you are feeling better soon. x xx

    – Wendy Slee

  • Sean Farragher
    Sean Farragherover 4 years ago

    hoping for a quick recovery

  • me too! thanks Sean! xx

    – Wendy Slee

  • Larry Lingard-Davis
    Larry Lingard-...over 4 years ago

    Dawn is on Facebook, so I will get her to keep in touch and to do our good deed for you.
    Please look after yourself and let us know what happens with your op.
    I have sympathy for you sweetness.
    Be in touch again soon Sunshine…. Luv Ya.

  • thank you dear Larry (and Dawn)……. I love and appreciate you and my redbubble family!

    – Wendy Slee

  • Enivea
    Eniveaover 4 years ago

    – reading his book saved my life Wendy.

    My thoughts are with you ♥ Naturally I’ll vote in this next round – you’re doing fabulously well!

  • Enivea….thank you most sincerely for sharing this. Although his words echo every thing I believe in and live by, it is still good to be reminded. I will certainly investigate his book and writing more. (hugs)….and thank you for voting…..I never doubted my good friends here on RB, you have always been so kind and supportive……but only one week to go in this round and I just felt I should “push” one more time LOL……..(See? I am proving I can self promote with the best of them!! lol! And there are some amazing writers in this comp – people with massive mailing lists of many thousands, so I know I have my work cut out for me!) Onwards! xx

    – Wendy Slee

  • H Maria Perry
    H Maria Perryover 4 years ago

    I’m here for you if you want to drop me an email about Laura. xoxo

  • Coralie Plozza
    Coralie Plozzaover 4 years ago

    saw you hobbling around the other day .. sorry to hear its going to be a long term trial… good luck with your book have voted early on hope it is enough to get you through xx

  • I know, I remember seeing you the other day, and feeling so darn wrecked……but have to say, your hair looks fabulous! Are you happy with it? (oh and love your new facebook page too! that is SOOOO right up my alley, all the things I love and believe in!!!)

    – Wendy Slee