Sam Van

Sydney, Australia

Fine Art trained, and left it behind to do what I like. Painting and photography, collage and textiles all fuse into one. / You may have...

roll call for sydney group

hiya all

didn’t we just have an awesome day. I was going to upload everything to this journal entry…but…I think you can see for yourself in the art section for now! (here)

I’m looking forward to seeing the phone booth photos and some of the group photos…

there are a whole of close ups of everyone out there-we let loose, so I hope you know how to use photoshop!

I’ve had a weird, unfortunate iphoto incident after uploading all the photos. I’ve gone through a couple and exported them to PS and load up-and the rest are GONE.

I will filter through some technical advice…but for once, technology has done me wrong and we are lucky to see what I’ve got (so sorry if yr close up isn’t there!)

Luckily, we all came equipped with some very nice camera’s-upload and show!


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