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Sam Van

Sydney, Australia

Fine Art trained, and left it behind to do what I like. Painting and photography, collage and textiles all fuse into one. / You may have...

changeable art exhibition-add your photo's!

Leek has added his to the previous journal entry.
Here are Mayu’s (me by mayuphoto)

The image you can see behind me is ‘Building a Bridge’ (red) and it has sold! Being my best large painting, I am very happy!

Not to mention seeing all the Sydney bubblers

>Marco, Mayuphotos, Miloman and wife, George, Bodymechanic, Leek, Sara, Stranger Street

who said they’d make it-true to your word!

I really appreciate it-

it was a beautiful day, and we all have so many choices of where we can be

-thanks for choosing to visit me !

(thanks leek for the great photos also)

Here are the main paintings which sold (for your interest)

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