Sam Van

Sydney, Australia

Fine Art trained, and left it behind to do what I like. Painting and photography, collage and textiles all fuse into one. / You may have...

this is it! very exciting

yes, this is the actualisation of these ‘t-shirt’ dreams.

after months of all things artistic being locked in storage, it’s all happening. We now have set up house, purchased toilet paper(simultaneously-it’s so romantic how we think alike) and I have artworks strewn across the globe. er, living room.

This is better than getting fiddly with screen printing-but the gear will not lie dormat, I’m sure.

So here they are, one and all, hope you enjoy-lots of ideas, brought to life, in technicolour.

Keep an eye on this site-this is the first of many. And if you have any ideas, feel free to make a suggestion, or get on board-make your own!

xxxxget those creative juices FLooooWing and fly!

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