I was born in a small village of Uttar Pradesh, India. I grew up in a family where art was a part of their lives. As a child, drawing was my first passion, but I enhanced by my ‘black box’ most likely a Kodak camera. I have been a resident of Mumbai for most of my life. It was during my 20’s era tour of an international conference in Pune that I was introduced to the camera, and throughout all of my many professional ventures, the camera has found its way into my work. I am a perfectionist who always likes to think “what do I need to do in order to take a beautiful picture?” my interest in photography kept increasing with each step I took forward, and today I also takes pictures of scenery, experiments with lighting as well as enjoys symbolic and stylistic photography.

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Dear All, / I am looking for an Indian artist who can be my co-host for the new group called educational posters. This group will collect the arts related to educational needs. / anybody interested can directly contact me. / Thanks.
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