2013 - 50th Anniversary of Indo-China War- World Peace & Turbulence - Communist Chinese Aggressive Territorial Expansion & Neighbours - Sunilism

2013 – 50th Anniversary of Indo-China War- World Peace & Turbulence – Communist Chinese Aggressive Territorial Expansion & Neighbours – Sunilism

Affected countries- Japan, Tibet, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Russia, Mongolia, India, Nepal & Bhutan

Author : Mr Sunil Sharma
The Chinese communist policies of oppression of human rights and betrayals are famous in their history of interaction with the neighbors like Taiwan, Japan, Hong Kong, Tibet, Mongolia, Russia, Nepal, Bhutan and India. There is always a dispute for borders and claims of disputed territories and Chinese unlawful occupation and oppression of the people under the giant communist iron curtain. Chinese talk about peace and co-operation and solving disputes with dialogue but in outcome they just do propaganda and will not negotiate and do the settlement but wait for the next opportunity to sign military peace and co-operation treaties, subsequent betrayals and attack and expand. To date Communist Chinese have never done any successful negotiations with any nation on the planet called Earth whether it is Japan, Tibet, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Mongolia, Russia, India, Nepal & Bhutan. The Communist Chinese policy is to carry out destabilizing activities which systematically undermine the sovereignty of their bordering countries and territories such as Japan, Tibet, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Russia, Mongolia, India, Nepal & Bhutan
Is His Highness Dalai Lama is a modern Gandhi with Buddha Like spirituality to be living in exile for ever holding world peace with his handful of people ?
Is Japanese concern for increasing conflict is escalating to new heights ?
Is India can remain silent by active hand of communist China to make arms and tanks as a gift to Pakistan to be eventually used against them ?
Is Communist China is becoming now old Soviet Union to enter Afghanistan again via weak and unstable Pakistan as Russia under Communist Leader Leonid Brezhnev ?
Do you think if USA can do anything to stop Chinese People’s Liberation Army to invade , Taiwan or Afghanistan using Russian style moving into the country with Tanks from the land as they are manufacturing the Al-Khalid-I main battle tanks in Pakistan and move into weaker Afghanistan to challenge USA and its allies ?
Do you know Americans have already been in high debt to China as they have already bought their treasury bonds and can bankrupt USA to bring to their knees by flexing their financial muscles ?.
That is the good question and points to the right way as Communist Chinese have had identical track record. There is very good chance they will acquire weak Pakistan and eventually enter the Afghanistan like Soviet Tanks rolled in from their border to the Kabul , Afghanistan. This border connection will give them the significant military advantage to mobilize their military and tanks . When Soviet Union invaded Afghanistan , then USA could not do anything to the aggression and were rather afraid that an direct action on their part may bring third world war and nuclear strike by Soviet Union . The Communist china is having the same advantage as they are manufacturing the Al-Khalid-I main battle tanks in Pakistan and eventually will use them and allied Pakistan army with their own army to enter Afghanistan and create this as mainland Chinese territories.
Now let me go into the deeper aspect of Chinese diplomacy and expansion of territories world over. The communist Chinese blue print for territorial expansion to add to the main land and other territories includes to include Japanese disputed islands, Taiwan, Tibet, Hong Kong, Nepal, Bhutan, Arunachal Pradesh, Kashmir, Pakistan and Afghanistan.
Lets see how communist Chinese have been successful since 1962 to 2012 . You will notice as their blue print , they have achieved annexation of Tibet and strategically negotiated the handover of the Hong Kong from United Kingdom. You know that how diplomatic and business savvy are the Chinese they kept British Government happy by giving billions and trillions of pounds to the British to leave and handover the Hong Kong back to them and honor their treaty. If United Kingdom ever consider of human rights as a priority in Tibet they would have organize the exchange of the Tibet for Hong Kong. But they opted to receive money from the Communist Chinese as a compensation to hand over the key crown territory of Hong Kong.
Let us see further the Indo- China context, The next stage or second stage on agenda is expanding further in India in Arunachal Pradesh and Kashmir ( Indian region) Communist China is systematically giving military cooperation and financial aid to Pakistan by signing a deal for manufacturing the Al-Khalid-I main battle tank. This strategic free assistance to Pakistan’s military capability is to destabilize India as this tank will be used ultimately against the India who has already fought already three wars in 1963, 1971 and Kargil was with Pakistan. Pakistan is bankrupt and look for any damn help whether it meet their strategic political needs to maintain better relationship with India have been totally overlooked.
China is assisting economically and strategically to Pakistan to create more problems to eternally sleeping giant India who have not taken any lesson from 1962 aggression and full attack on India. India need to come under US umbrella if it want to progress boundary talks with China and stop interfering into Indo-Pakistan relationship.
China is on a move for their territorial expansion by crushing democracies and liberties it promises to its acquired territories in Tibet and now Hong Kong . Do not believe China it says all political things to maintain peace but keep on expanding and series of violent border incidents after the 1959 Tibetan uprising, when India had granted asylum to the Spiritual leader Dalai Lama. Indo- China disputed territory along the 3,225-kilometer-long Himalayan border, the Chinese launched simultaneous offensives in Ladakh and across the McMahon Line on 20 October 1962 and the war ended with decisive Chinese Victory, when the Chinese declared a ceasefire on 20 November 1962.
Earlier Chinese have already run over the Tibet in 1950 and taken Indian occupied Kashmir in 1962 and Hongkong from United Kingdom within 50 years say in 2013 – 2015 their new agenda is to expand further with other small sovereign states like Nepal and Bhutan are on target and Chinese communist have enhanced their activities. China knows that people have poor memories and they have forgotten what they did 50 years ago as India was fragile, still in their teens at that time and just become independent from United Kingdom ( 1947 ) democracy of 15 years , not even 16 years . This was a vulnerable stage for India who gains independence due to the efforts of Mahatma Mohan Das Karam Chand Gandhi popularly known as Mahatma Gandhi. Mahatma Gandhi was against the division of India but British Empire divided India and Pakistan was formed. Indian government headed by prime minister and world peace lover Jawaharlal Nehru welcomed in New Delhi, India his Chinese counterpart Zhou Enlai accompanied by his defense delegation and were greeted them as their true friend and even a slogan was given to Indian masses “ Hindu – Chinese Brothers “ or “ Hindu- Chini Bhai Bhai”.
On a formal request of Zhou Enlai accompanied by his defense delegation, Indian prime minister being a ideal host showed them Indian defence factories visits and helped them assess the mediocre defence they possess. Zhou Enlai signed lots of defence contracts with India and to work in co-operation of development for better ties with the new democratic nation India. After reaching ChinaZhou Enlai gave his strategic military assessment to communist Leader Mao Zedong and formed a plan to expand and take over Tibet and other Indian territories in Arunachal Pradesh. The Chinese communist headed by Leader Mao Tse Tung and premier Zhou Enlai reinforced their all borders with arms , ammunition’s and military personnel’s and eventually created relentless attack on unsuspecting India border posts managed by few soldiers with basic guns. Most of the Indian soldiers wounded and died. A whole battalion of Indian soldiers surrendered at Bomdila, Arunachal Pradesh. In May 1963, President John F. Kennedy and his aides discussed the feasibility of using nuclear weapons in the event China attacked India for a second time, according to newly declassified recordings released Thursday by the John F. Kennedy Presidential Library and Museum in Boston. JFK, aides considered nuclear arms in China-India clash.

Over the crackle of the decades-old tapes, Kennedy and his advisers can be heard discussing how to prevent India from becoming, in the popular idiom of the day, another domino to fall to Communism.

Robert McNamara, Kennedy’s defense secretary, is heard to say: "Before any substantial commitment to defend India against China is given, we should recognize that in order to carry out that commitment against any substantial Chinese attack, we would have to use nuclear weapons. Any large Chinese Communist attack on any part of that area would require the use of nuclear weapons by the US, and this is to be preferred over the introduction of large numbers of US soldiers. Chinese advanced and advances on all through the borders by killing Indian Soldiers and civilians and continued doing it and occupied big territories all along the border and only stopped as they become tired of killing Indian civilians.
Indian Primeminister Jawahar Lal Nehru who had JFK as his friend , could only weep in dismay due to betrayal by Chinese communist and whole nation lost in deep grief. This led to unbearable atrocities on Tibetan’s and which lead to exile of His Highness Dalai Lama and his handful of close followers to Dharamshala in India. China is already creating problems for Tibetan’s and Dalai Lama and his people are homeless and are butchered day in and day out in Lhasa, Tibet.

2013 - 50th Anniversary of Indo-China War- World Peace & Turbulence - Communist Chinese Aggressive Territorial Expansion & Neighbours - Sunilism


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2013 – World Peace & Turbulence – Communist Chinese Aggressive Territorial Expansion & Neighbours
Fifty Years ago, in 1963 JFK, aides considered nuclear arms in China-India clash.
Affected countries- Japan, Tibet, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Russia, Mongolia, India, Nepal & Bhutan

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