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Sunilism : Twenty Two Divine Life Instructions : Heaven on Earth : By Artist : Sunil Sharma

Email: sunil-c-sharma@hotmail.com

These Divine Life instructions will make you a better person by improving your over all quality of life and enriching you, your family and friends physically, mentally and spiritually to enable you achieve magnificent result in all aspects of your life personally and professionally. You are here on this Earth for a special purpose as per your divine Soul contract with the God/ Goddess / Nature which you signed before coming on to this world. It was done between soul and divine before our birth; to accomplish our unique purpose to make this Earth collectively a HEAVEN Now!

1. God/ Goddess /Nature has created this creation all around us living and non- living and his/her spirit lives in all including myself and we all inherit a tremendous amount of potential, capability to uncover and use to make this Earth a Heaven NOW.
2. I have been created in the reflection of God/ Goddess / Nature as his/her Child. I choose to help other Gods ( People/children) and do my part and improve myself day by day.
3. I see the presence of the divine spirit in all human, animals and nature. I do respect myself and others as Gods / Goddess / Nature and keep on learning and cultivating virtues and refining by practising.
4. Further this creation includes Earth and other Planets, stars and Galaxies revolving around each other at a fast speed in a predefined stable pattern, analogous to my body having 10 billion cells representing 10 billion Stars and each cell having billions of molecules and atoms having millions of electrons moving at high speed around the nucleolus having protons and neutrons.
5. The people and animals living on this World and other planet are part of my large loving family.
6. I have accomplished tremendous achievements; possess a great potential for future and currently, enjoying in the present moment, whatever I am doing.
7. I believe in Humanism, Humanity, Humbleness, and service Humans, animals and nature with love and respect.
8. I do speak in a Loving Language and use a sweet tone of voice with others and myself.
9. I do appreciate 3 people daily – Motivate people with empowering attitude and accepting as they are. Look in to their qualities and acknowledge, appreciate learn and improve myself if possible.
10. This act of giving holistic help gives me a sheer joy by knowing that I made a small difference today in other God’s life. This incremental happiness gives me a sense of accomplishment and drives me to achieve more and grow. It is my purpose in life to work in partnership with God to serve the humanity.
11. Follow the nature and its Laws. Like following the Sun for my daily cycle.- Sleep at 9:00 pm and get up at 4: 00 am each morning. ( Follow Sunilism : Daily Routine Time Table to remain Young, & Energetic Forever By Artist : Sunil Sharma)
12. Greet to each other by bowing; it shows acceptance , love and respect – non contact & exercises your belly to squeeze
13. Anger is fire. Whenever I do feel angry, I rush to drink cold water and take long breath and divert mind to some of happiest time of my life. I learn my lesson and decided never to feel angry again – Overcomes shortcoming
14. I try to maintain same self contented happy state; not too happy or not too sad. It helps to maintain my body functioning well and more stable – Gives more life.
15. I joke and create laughter to lift myself and others around me; it is a sheer joy and a tonic.
16. Life is so sweet , enjoy every minute of it – Take a deep breath-Breath is Life.
17. I drink one glass of water every 3 hours while awake during the day- Cleanse you.
18. I call my mum: my creator & Goddess.
19. Every morning implant a kiss on my loving partner – Love Grows.
20. I am someone’s role model- Children love daily caressing hand on their head like our pets – Touch creates love and loyalty.
21. Diarise special people’s birthdays and anniversaries and wish them.
22. Be one to say Hello, first to your neighbour- Great start.
Kalki Avatar Dr Sunil Sharma, Ph.D. is a Global Order protector, Life & Humanism Lover, Earth Friend, Your friend forever, Motivational speaker, Holistic Life Coach

Artist : Dr Sunil Sharma Ph.D. is the Founder of “Sunilism”
Email: sunil-c-sharma@hotmail.com

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“World is my loving family, a small village and we are inter-dependent on each other. Each and every individual has special capacity to make this world an Heaven Now! I have to do my part to serve the mankind, nature and animals and I am the servant of all " By Dr Sunil Sharma Ph.D.

To lift your mood and enjoy life while treatment, you need healthy mind, spirit, and body so alternatively, you can follow “Sunilism TM” is a way of thinking;a contemporary religion, a way to happy life; teachings to live worry free, enjoying your life for ever, so read “Sunilism” writings, journals and Paintings : Imagine NOW!: Heaven on Earth. “Sunilism “and paintings will boost your mood and make you practice the values like Love, Romance, Respect, Service which will provide you Peace , Energy, Happiness and Divine.

Kalki avatar your friend Dr Sunil Sharma Ph.D. is the Founder of “Sunilism TM” a new global religion of living as a loving Family having Joy, sharing Happiness, Romance, Love, wealth, abundance and speading Peace and Wisdom- determined to bring The Heaven of Earth NOW !

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