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Do you want more Love and Joy and better health through Art Therapy ? / There is solution now.! Buy Art work at Redbubble.com! / Your...


Welcome to My Heart, Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi ! – – Ver 3

Sahaja Yoga – Founded by Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi
Sunilism – Pathway to HappyWelcome to My Heart, Mataji !– By Dr Sunil Sharma
Devoted to : Her Holy Grace Adishakti Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi , Founder of Sahaja Yoga
Nirmala..a a a…. Adishakti …..Nirmala..a a a a a .. Mataji
Welcome!….Welcome Mother!…Welcome to ……my heart! x 2…

Welcome!….Welcome Mother!…Welcome to ……my heart!
With your blessings, my heart, prays to you, Mataji!
Welcome!….Welcome Mother!…Welcome to ……my heart! x 2

My heart is filling with,… Holy-Nectar, Mataji!
Devine Nectar is over -flowing, from your lotus-feet, Mataji!
Welcome!….Welcome Mother!…Welcome to ……my heart! x 2

O.. Ma, Thousands of Thanks, for entering, my heart,
Be seated in my heart, Welcome ,,, To My Heart !
Welcome!….Welcome Mother!…Welcome to ……my heart! x 2

O.. Ma,

Kalki Avatar 2016 - New World Order ! Sunilism TM

Kalki Avatar…….When ……Where …….
Do you know Kalki ? Kalki Avatar … Kalki No..No..oo Keep Reading to the end!…

Kalki Avatar
Copper engraving of Kalki from the late 18th century.
Devanagari कल्कि
Affiliation Avatar of Vishnu
Weapon Sword
Mount Horse
In Hinduism, Kalki (Devanagari: कल्कि; also rendered by some as KalKin and Kalaki) is the tenth and final Maha Avatar (great incarnation) of Vishnu who will come to end the present age of darkness and destruction known as Kali Yuga. The name Kalki is often a metaphor for eternity or time. The origins of the name probably lie in the Sanskrit word “kalka” which refers to mud, dirt, filth, or foulness and hence denotes the “destroyer of foulness,” “destroyer of confusion,” “destro

Sunilism TM: Daily Routine Time Table to remain Young & Energetic Forever 100 + Years FREE: By Artist : Dr Sunil Sharma Ph.D.

Artist : Dr Sunil Sharma Ph.D. is the Founder of “Sunilism”
Email: sunil-c-sharma@hotmail.com…

“World is my family a small village and we are interdependent. I have to do my part to serve the mankind and I am the servant of all " By Dr Sunil Sharma Ph.D.

Who am I ? I am a human. An autonomous mobile system more than a simple robot. I am priceless, invaluable, creator, blissful and happy human who is ready to share wisdom with others and loves to contributes to others life, just like you.

I came into this World empty handed and would go same way, I was born by love of two bodies and had my first birth day, I am living my life now and helping re-create few more bodies like tree develops new leaves as old leaves are discarded and already aged so as I have a use by date whic

Sunilism : Twenty Two Divine Life Instructions : Heaven on Earth : By Artist : Sunil Sharma

Email: sunil-c-sharma@hotmail.com…

These Divine Life instructions will make you a better person by improving your over all quality of life and enriching you, your family and friends physically, mentally and spiritually to enable you achieve magnificent result in all aspects of your life personally and professionally. You are here on this Earth for a special purpose as per your divine Soul contract with the God/ Goddess / Nature which you signed before coming on to this world. It was done between soul and divine before our birth; to accomplish our unique purpose to make this Earth collectively a HEAVEN Now!

1. God/ Goddess /Nature has created this creation all around us living and non- living and his/her spirit lives in all including myself and we all inherit a tremendous amount of potenti

FAB Four & Bhaji – Cricket Stars

Do you know current Fab Four … ? …..mmmm …. “ The Beatles “
Well….no…… they were in the past …. “The Beatles “
But who are the Current Fab Four … just as popular as “ The Beatles “….. ?
Here is a hint they are not in music but sports … Cricket…. Called the Fab Four.…

The feared FAB four are the World Cricket heritage and are universally loved by a vast majority over a billion of cricket fans all over the world irrespective of their nationality. The FAB four consists of four worlds leading batsmen in the top band of professional cricket .
" FAB Four & Bhaji – Cricket Stars – Please click to see the painting ":http://www.redbubble.com/people/sunil/art/19276...

Here is a brief information for the fans.

1. Sachin Tendulkar- Full Name: Sachin Ramesh Tendul

Lovers in Heaven: 2009 Calender by Sunil Sharma

Hi Folks…

Have you seen my new 2009 Calender ?
To see Lovers in Haven 2009 Calender – please click here

Here is the preview for your kind information.


Sunil Sharma


Hi You …. Yes You … Lucky one! *

Have you got a Lover’s Heart ? Not sure …No problems.

Here is a plan to make you a perfect lover in 12 Months or early as shown in this amazing Love Art Calender. It will shower you and your loved one’s with Love , Romance, Respect, Service which will bring Peace, Energy, Happiness and a touch of Divinity in and around you. This will enable you to experience as a *Lover in Heaven Now ! Every day will be as loving as a Valentine’s Day.

Please buy one copy for yourself and one for your lover so both are aware of the essential values to practise daily.

The Cove

Valentine Day -2015 !!! Can I find - Soul Mate / Baby … My Soul Mate / Babe… : Sunilism TM

Valentine Day -2015 !!! My Valentine….baby ..now!…

Can I find – Soul Mate … My Soul Mate… : By Sunil Sharma – Founder of Sunilism TM

Are you worried about losing your Very close friend/ Love Partner / baby or Soul Mate ?
Do not have trust each other ?
Issues……Issues… No Love…
You have been cheated over and over by the person in your life and still looking for the “ Soul Mate” to settle down.

If you think you can not find your “ Soul mate” and feel helpless and lost hope of getting one, you will get one “ Soul Mate “ NOW ! Just read on please.

Just on a lighter side as your Love Coach helping to find your soul-mate, please use me as a sounding board because my Helping Loving Energies will heal, nurture and protect your heart, emotions, mind to give you e

Can we halt " Cancer " and Recover Well - Yes “ Sunilism” Imagine NOW: Heaven on Earth: Dr Sunil Sharma Ph.D.

Cancer is the disease of Body, Mind and Spirit.

Here is an analogy to understand it completely. Cancer is like a virus program which infect Internet computers and spreads on and on with time; if not stopped by a effective Anti Virus software it will make your computer to infect completely and make it useless for you and it will also spread to other healthy computers on the Internet as the data travels to other computer on the Internet and will keep infecting. In a similar way if Cancer cells not killed by the body it will pass on from one organ in the body of a person to another organ and keep spreading and person will die eventually after spending $20,000 to $5 Millions and relatives become so sad fro untimely demise. This article addresses more preventive side of Cancer and change of l

Love- Art- Therapy ( LAT) : Sunilism : By Artist Sunil Sharma

Do you think Art can work as a therapy to assist people to improve their day to day life ?
Please give your views on this topic.. The World needs compassionate artists to provide a positive contribution to improve people’s life.
I would like, like-minded artists to show case their related work and give a bit of description to the work so people can use it as a resource to overcome their blue days.
Let me define it first, “ Love- Art- Therapy ( LAT) ”, which transforms the people into a heavenly state having sheer Joy, Happiness, Bubbly nature, a great Hope, Confidence and overcome anxiety, depression, helplessness as people view his art work.
eg. View my painting” Imagine Now ! Heavenly Earth “It says Imagine NOW Heavenly in all countries on this planet called Earth. The values like if you …

Love & Peace Day… Love & Peace Day ( LPD) - 31 August - Heaven on Earth –Imagine NOW!

Love & Peace Day.. Love & Peace Day – 31 August – Heaven on Earth –Imagine NOW! Sunilism – Sunil Sharma…

Princess Diana was a “Global messenger of Love & Peace” to people living on each continent of this planet Earth. Her presence and charity work for worth while global cause was tremendous and she showed the people ways to accomplish it with her untiring self less work. Her love and compassion for people from all walks of life has been phenomenal and that warmth still can be experienced by the People all around the world as she is the true " Princess of Heart" and got a special place in each person’s heart.
Princess Diana’s untimely demise left a big void which has been felt across the globe.. The Love, Peace and Compassion is needed more and more as the time passes on. The people in ne

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