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Good Week End of Sales

This week end I sold the original paintings of
Waiting for Magic
Divided as a Whole and
Hold Me

It is satisfying to know that something I created touches a person enough that they bring it into their home.

Thank you to the three individuals who purchased these items from my Etsy store.

SUNDRIP – Art for Life ……on ETSY



I’m moving in the next few days. I hope to be back on RB more regularly after the move. See y’all when I get back. It may be a little bit, but I’ll be back.

Thanks to everyone for the recent comments and favs. :-)


You know, you never sell the copyright to your work unless its an exceptional arrangement that you would be foolish to walk away from. I’ve come upon a legal agreement that my lawyer and I can not walk away from. Here’s the thing…. in a few short weeks I will no longer own the copyright to my piece called Sunset. Its copyright will be transferred and will appear on the cover of the new owners book. If you’d like a signed print of this work before I no longer have the right to offer them then please visit my Etsy shop or contact me at

I offer prints and originals with payment through PayPal and I ship worldwide.

Sunset is part of the Faceless Beauty Collection on SUNDRIP – Art for Life @ Su…

Where Oh Where is Faith?

I may be MIA for a bit longer than I thought. I’m still a bit on the ill side, but hopefully I’ll be back soon and can participate more. I haven’t put anything new up in forever, hopefully that’ll change too.

until again,

WOW! What a Blessing

I woke up today and hopped onto RB to find that I sold twelve greeting cards.
My goodness what a nice surprise and blessing. That makes me feel so good.

Thank you to the individual that chose so many paintings. Boy does that make my heart smile.


Out of Curiosity

I was wondering if there’s anyone else out there who absolutely hates getting their hands dirty while painting? When I get paint on my hands I try not to even think about it. I just keep doing what I’m doing, but deep down I hate it. Am I alone in this? Needless to say, I don’t work with clay.

Yesterday I planned to show up to a dinner date paint free but it didn’t happen. I planned to go to my doctor’s office paint free but nope, it didn’t work out that way. I’m just happy when I showed up for dinner with a friend my hands matched my blue baseball cap. (sigh)

This picture was sent via email to pick with me. I love my friends. LOL The only time my hands were that blue was when I tried to refill my printer ink without gloves. I’ll never do t…

Where is Faith?

I’ve been out of touch for a bit, rather hit and miss….here’s why. I fell on my big head ! and messed up my back. It was an award winning fall really. I grabbed the curtains as I went down and snapped the curtain rod in half. As I went down further I smacked my big ol’ head on the trash can then fell to the side smacking it on the wall. I landed on my bad knee too. It was truly award winning. I couldn’t duplicate that if I wanted to. When I hit the floor, finally, I knew for certain I was hurt. There was no way I was going to get up and simply walk away from that and only be soar for a few days….not after that performance. Come to find out I did some spinal damage and nerve damage in my right knee. I’ve also got a sprained wrist and seriously brui…

The Inspired Artist

I’ve been watching several watercolor artists lately and was inspired to go get some watercolor paints and a tiny little sketch diary. This is the result of my inspirations.

Tree House

My two large fancy gold fish

The weatherman said we’d only have a short shower but it’s rained here for two days.
This particular piece has some digital alterations to drive the point home that you just can’t trust the weatherman. In this painting the forecast was clear, sunny skies high of 80 degrees.


The Experimental Artist

I do a lot of experimenting when it comes to technique and medium. Sometimes the experiment fails miserably yet the experience is worthwhile and one I’ll repeat. Other times I really like how it turned out. Here are a few of my recent experiments. You can decide if I passed or failed. Either way I enjoyed myself.

Sprayed watercolor and ink on paper

Crayola markers with water on paper

I had no idea I could mix a basic crayola marker with water and get the color to stand up so nicely.

I even decided I’d attempt to combine sawdust with oil paint on paper then on a cotton panel. Here are the results from that experiment.

sawdust, oil on paper, not for sale

sawdust, oil on paper, not for sale

Rolling Hills, sawdust, oil on paper, SOLD

“Out West” , sawdust, oil on…