Faith Magdalene Austin

Indianapolis, United States

I’m a woman, more than that I’m your fellow human being. I’m an artist, and emotional soul that speaks in color.


Elegance and Peace

Today I ask for orange to make peace with yellow and not war across the page / Spilling on red, assaulting blue and running head first into…

Your Secret

When the family gathers for Sunday meetings in a house with walls that hold blood six generations thick, When we dance in halls for charity…

I Long For The Day

I long for the day when it was quite right to hate you because youre Irish, German, Spanish, a Jew. I long for the day when I didnt have to…

Opening Night

Each bold range, octave and cord pleads for recognition / And begs for you to know/ What unfolds before you is more

The Rains

I could bring in the breeze with a few clouds to break the sun’s sting Or shower upon a land fire and cut off its hunger for power. W…

I’d Get Over It

If I could write it out of me, write a few lines and whisk away the pain / I’d smear ink, / / I’d chicken scratch years of scorn and mocke…

I Am Full

Offer to another the peaceful sound of waves over stones. / And feed the masses cake and cookies


I shiver at the thought of this freedom / At the thought of not wearing regret upon my heart or guilt as shoes / I wonder how I will walk w…

Weary Art Companions

Needing, requiring like breath, like shelter, like life itself to be drawn across a world of acrylics once more, just once more.

A Mind of Mayhem

A mind of mayhem / Twisted and tangled / Unsure of the way out / Looks to the North, to the South / To the Sea, to the Sky / And perceives …

A Light Left On

They roam across the sky in a line of know how. Not one turns to the left or the right. Straight ahead, each spread across the expanse, one…

The Community

But the community never touched her fingers. / Where was the community when this child was crying? / They were up in arms about the number …


until its almost normal. Im used to being wet. Its in my heart, lungs, legs and knees. The rumblings make my teeth chatter. My body swings …

Gray Sigh

burns through the air and rips through nostrils / bleeding out like rain

Liars, Thieves and Murderers

She averts her attention and / Closes her eyes, as if everything’s coming up roses.

The Master of My Ghosts

she is as rooted in waste as she was once rooted in fine soil.

Falls like rain

That look in your eye and the throbbing vein tells me you’re crazy and / you’ll find a reason to split my back while you search for the min…

I’m not quite ready

i need color to rip across canvas creating places i would hide, if hiding was the goal.
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