Introducing leggings. You’ll never run out of inspiration.

I make collages – assemblages of found objects and photographs.
Previous work has included domestic objects, film genres, Japanese pop culture, and technology.

The current series “Sci-Fi” has been influenced by Science Fiction movies and a collection of discarded technology.

“Tea and Tigers” was influenced by a recent journey to Southern India where my grandfather had planted tea and hunted tigers.

I found a place both confronting and intoxicating. My personal experience was a mix of exploring my family’s links to an India past, with my discovery of the vibrancy of modern India. Amongst the noise, the chaos and the pungent smells I caught glimpses of ghosts from the Raj. I remember drinking the most exquisite tasting Orange Pekoe tea served in fine bone china cups, carefully arranged on a sheet of newspaper on a serving tray. There were exotic fabrics in sari shops, bright hand-painted signs on market walls, unfamiliar packaging labels, fiery spices, hair-raising transportation, honey-mooning brides with intricate henna designs on their hands, and energetic Bollywood MTV channels. In Southern India I found my grandfather’s tea plantation and tea factory still operating as it had when he had set it up 100 years ago.

Each work in this series encapsulates fragments of a story.

  • Joined: January 2013