Back From The Smokies

Had a alright time in the Smokies. Due to back and leg problems couldn’t do a lot I wanted to. The 22ad they were more people there than I have ever seen..did enjoy the day with the daughter and grandson though….Cades Cove was a nightmare to be in . I did manage a few shots and will post them as time goes on ya needed tae be there when the gates open an out by 9….now to try an catch up here



  • Sam Warner
    Sam Warnerabout 3 years ago

    We’ve been in Cades twice during the past month and it’s been CRAZY!! People everywhere. It’s really hard to get a good picture of a your deer with a four year-old screaming “Here deer…here deer” over and over again at the top of her lungs. LOL Still, the wildlife was everywhere and I’m sure she’ll be telling all her friends about the deer she saw. And then there are the people who feel the need to STAND DIRECTLY IN the waterfall you just hiked 5 miles (uphill, of course) to take a picture of. Ah, the life of the nature photographer. LOL