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Themes periodically pop up in my work which can be a reflection/mirror of what’s going on consciously or below the waters; both in my life and the human collective… so I thought this month i might focus on that. My hope is that you might enjoy, be inspired or by it getting your blood boiling! I am also doing collaborative works with others artists which is very exciting…

Prayers for the dead.

Laid Bare

The robber came into my house
He stripped me of myself
Clothes on or off
It matters not
It is who I was I mourn;
From what I’m told, for I have forgotten.
I periodically get a glimmer
A reflection
An echo
But I am no longer truly she.
Looking inward
I only see;
Black holes
Swiss cheese
A Moth eaten gossamer,
Cliché yet my grasp flimsy at best…
My Star sign proudly proclaims;
Good memory, complex, clever, self –reliant,
With the capacity of a gnat I can barely multi-task.
Yet I hold to brave and loyal
Though I may have forgotten who and what
The feelings’ still remain
In my bones
My waters
My heart and soul
I remember you


I promise to be good…really
There’s an elephant in the room
Yeah I know…
But I mean it!
Now in my heart of hearts I kinda know that’s impossible
But it’s there all the same!
Fists in eyes
I rub ‘til I see stars
Great now the critter’s lit with fireworks!
Not that he seems fussed…
Trying to explain that I’d rather he’d return from whence he came
So I ask him ever so polite like to leave…
Either he’s deaf or I don’t speak elephant
‘Cause a day or two pass and nothing’s changed.
Now I was told by Certain Authority that MADNESS IS JUST A STATE OF MIND
Well here’s the thing;
I’m in this room with people glancing at me sideways
Red faced
What’s the fuss I WANT TO KNOW!
Sniffing under my arms… no BO
Clothes on…tick!
Oh oh I‘m a Drongo
It’s me
They think I’m the elephant
Silly buggers
They’re all bonkers
Not me!

Rain’s colour.

The plagiarist

Try as he might
The answer eluded him
Ever watchful
Listening closely
Word for word
He copied
On his death-bed
Reflection became the past-time
His life littered with
Failure to engage
To experience
To immerse
Regret ached throughout his tired body
In a heartbeat the connection to life was finally made…

Her passage

Unbound grief

The rage settles squarely in the gut
Like a lump of lard; rancid
Closing my eyes in denial; all I see is red
Maw extended
Mouth a rent where no sound escapes
I am empty of all that is good
The sense of loss profound


And so it is

The ache of tomorrow reverberates
The touch of the infinite
A slipstream through the subconscious
The settling completes

Taking in the noon

My images, art works and writing are unfiltered or edited. i just shoot the photos, apply the medium and the words come from somewhere inside without much if any thought or consideration…
My desire is that they might effect someone in a positive way

A footnote… I’ve explored PS with cars…!

A Poetry Tribute To Rabbi Fred Morgan Publication



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