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My images and writing are unfiltered or edited. i just shoot the photos, create the pictures and the words come from somewhere inside...

My Images, art work and writing do Not Belong To The Public Domain.
All The Materials Contained May Not Be Reproduced, Copied, Edited, Published, Transmitted Or Downloaded in Any Way. All Rights Reserved. Copying, altering, displaying or redistribution of any of these images without written permission from the artist is strictly prohibited.

I am an autonomous poet, painter and choreographer which means that no prior planning is done and creativity by-passes the conscious mind. For example i have no memory of either what is written, or when. It has been suggested by some Kabbalah Jews that my work comes straight from “The Source”. Interestingly I can recollect where almost everyone of my over 50 thousand images were taken
However themes periodically pop up in my work which can be a reflection/mirror; both in my life and the human collective… My hope is that you might enjoy, be inspired by it or it gets your blood boiling!

The duet.


The tides of angst finally give her up
Released from her seaweed shackles
Her once shattered edges have been honed smooth by storm and time
She lay where sea greets land
A rare beauty stripped bare of her past;
Where given opportunity,
She can become the foundation from which a new landscape can be formed…

Do you dare…

Do you dare…

The colours radiant
The spectrum ever expanding
The light brilliant
The possibilities endless
Dissolve to encompass
The vibration
Creates heat
Gives over to equilibrium
Stasis though is impossible
A harmonic arising from which a beatific column of air expands to fill all voids
Waves dance azure blue
On waters deep
There is no heavens
No sky
(the meld complete)
Burnt umbers coalesce with viridian greens
This jewel
Transcends surrender

Sweet melody

Called to account

I was invited to the Table of the Round to sit on the opposing side
Here I must make my case for my continued existence
I had not received prior notice
There were no guidelines or agenda
No eye contact was made though a constant buzzing could be heard
So I shut my lids and imagined I was at my loom weaving my story
Golden thread from my wedding gown mixed with tears of joy
Wool of lamb to ward off the cold to snuggle tight
Viridian green for when the Land had been fecund
Azure blue; my most precious thread of all, for it speaks of my final resting place and this is where I lay today
Quietly I excuse myself and step away from this reality


The task

She knows she must sleep
Yet like much it alludes her
The pressure behind her eyes
Their heaviness
It’s as though her mind is trying to escape
Is she mad?
Sighing with bemusement… no just tired
It used to be only moon time
A few days full
But it’s been almost one cycle.
She must move
Get going
With enormous effort she arose
A cloying smell…
When had she last bathed?
Resolve to embrace some figment of normalcy
She boiled water
Carrying it to the basin
She noticed reflecting back a ghostly creature
In fright she dropped the kettle
Sharp needles of white fire splashed her arms
Peering more closely; she reached out,
Is it she?
Tracing the edges of sharpened bone and sunken eyes
A mouth cracked
A sadness overcame her…
She’d not cherished that which is most precious.
Slowly disrobing
Revealed striated rib
Cradled hip
Sticks for legs.
No more she resolved.
With the remaining water now cooled
She finished her ablutions
Putting a salve on her burns
A cotton shift for warmth
She turned and went outside.
The light blinding!
Reeling back
A sourness struck her throat
Pushing on without seeing;
For she knew every inch of her garden,
She collected eggs, herbs and greens.
Back inside the coolness
She dared to open her eyes.
She loved to cook
The ritual of preparation
The alchemy of nutrients
A simple meal prepared
She ate more from habit than hunger
No flavour. No fragrance. Sawdust
So it’s not finished with me…
Furious she thrust away what she’d lovingly prepared
Rage erupted
Banging her fists on the table
She roared!
Her efforts only brought exhaustion
Heart fit to burst
Ears ringing
She passed out.
A tickle
A sneeze
She awoke to find two golden orbs looking intently
Nose to nose
Her feline companion had come to her aid
Wearily she stroked her to give thanks
Her stupidity no surprise
How often had she given over to fury
When will she learn?
Nothing to be done now so she set about to clear and clean
Breathless from the effort
Prickly sweat from her exertion
She lay down.
It began in earnest
Tunnels dank
Running terrified
Creatures haggard
A foulness causing her to gag
Fires blackening all that’s good
Oily waters
A hell-hole with her lost
Arms and legs affirmed
Face upward
She screamed; ‘No more!’
A deep freeze occurred
All around stilled into a single frame
She wandered through and about
Scrutinising her surrounds.
This is not the underworld…
Sitting on her haunches she began to understand
‘tis the future; though the how or why, unknown.
She startled awake
Tired but filled with an energy
She must get word…

Soul reaper

At sea…

How can you determine up from down
When your ballast is wayward?
You have no horizon…
Where your Mast is shattered no longer true
Your sails full of holes means you endlessly list

The psych recoils from the oily black mire;
For to go there is just a one way spiral…
The heart retracts
Squeezes but one drop of ache…
Enough for now
The soul
Lands gently to garner strength to navigate…

The secret garden

Heal thy self

Come said the pain
I know the way
So the mind followed through the tunnels
Coming to rest in the bowels of itself
Unable to abide the stench
It tried to ascend
More fool me
Trapped in the excrement
It flowed into every possible orifice
Polluted by such foulness
I forgot the who and what of before
The now was all that mattered
Derision plundered reason
I drowned that little bit further
Gurgling spite
I choked on self-loathing
Unable to breathe
My heart thumped against my chest
Breaking apart my ribs
Exposed it rose up
Freed at last from this putrid cage of castigation
Roaming to and fro
It cast a light of love
The body repelled (still under the spell of the mind)
To sink further
Unrelenting the beat reverberated
Creating a harmonious hum
Building slowly it finally comes to a crescendo
A sonic blast of such force
All that is left is purity;
A mind cleansed
Finally the body has respite…

Base lit


The ache is immense
The heart so sore and the gut screams run
The self-confused lives in the land of Never-mind
To become numb
Deaf and blinkered
Doesn’t listen to the body’s instruction…
And thus breaks and bleeds
Vacant eyes
Gaze mesmerised at the trickle of her life
As it pools to tell her story.
Doodling a tree emerges
The Tree Of Life.
Disengaged she has no concept
No connection yet…
No matter
For Hope is large
She is tenacious
Her will to survive strong…

There is always time…

My images, art works and writing are unfiltered or edited. i just shoot the photos, apply the medium and the words come from somewhere inside without much if any thought or consideration…
My desire is that they might effect someone in a positive way

A footnote… I’ve explored PS with cars…!

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