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The Sketchbook Project 2011

All the pages of my first Sketchbook Project book have been digitized and uploaded to their site. 80 pages of lycanthropes and cat-girls. For those unfamiliar with my work, I should warn that this sketchbook contains a lot of nudity (because let’s face it, what self-respecting werewolf shackles themself with clothes?). THIS link should take you to the cover, which for some reason they’ve placed at the end of the slideshow. Just skip back to the beginning using the thumbnails underneath it.

The folks at the Sketchbook Project did a sterling job documenting the pages. The paper in the books is really thin, and it wasn’t until I was about halfway through that I started scanning and realised I’d need to add a heavier paper to avoid images showing through the other sid…

Valentine's Dei Auction

Valentine’s Dei just turned 1! To celebrate we’re auctioning off the original off this piece on Ebay. Bidding will stay open until February 21. Click on the image to link to the site.