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Peter J Fairfax (AKA Sturstein) is a hermitic dinosaur living in a space age. He still uses pencils and paper (you can probably find definitions for those on Google, or even look them up in something called a ‘dictionary’), and has been known to draw stuff for monetary gain.

He grudgingly (and sparingly) uses facebook, but is not a Twit.

His primary influences are Robert E. Howard, Fritz Leiber, Mike Mignola, John Buscema, Jeff Jones, Dave Stewart, and Eric Canete.

Other influences include, in no particular order: Frank Frazetta, Edgar Rice Burroughs, Brom, Simon Bisley, Mitch Byrd, Didier Crisse, Juanjo Guarnido, Alessandro Barbucci, Jon Foster, Ashley Wood, Claire Wendling, Carlos Meglia, Cary Nord, Kurt Busiek, Roy Thomas, Tony DeZuniga, Paul Bonner, Brian Stelfreeze, D.M. Cornish, H.P. Lovecraft, Alphonse Mucha, Gil Elvgren, Norman Rockwell, Robert McGinnis and about a hundred others who’ve temporarily slipped his mind.

He hopes to one day own his own front lawn, so he can yell at those damn kids to get the hell off it.

All images copyright © Peter J Fairfax.

  • Age: 37
  • Joined: December 2007


Game of Kings - sequentials

Every day for the next week the Game of Kings project will be posting a new page by myself and/or Ausven . Starting with THIS ONE .
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Toast of the Town

These two just scored a Daily Deviation on DeviantArt . (Courtesy of Cynthia) / My message feed is going haywire. I love it!
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The Sketchbook Project 2011

All the pages of my first Sketchbook Project book have been digitized and uploaded to their site. 80 pages of lycanthropes and cat-girls. For those unfamiliar with my work, I should warn that this sketchbook contains a lot of nudity (because let’s face it, what self-respecting werewolf shackles themself with clothes?). THIS link should take you to the cover, which for some reason they’…
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Vintage Sleaze

Valentine’s Dei has just been pimped on Vintage Sleaze . I think it’s pretty neat :)
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