Giorgio Elesaro

Giorgio Elesaro

Newcastle Upon Tyne, United Kingdom

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Born and bred within a stones throw from the River Tyne in a small suburb, five miles west of Newcastle upon Tyne.
I come from a family of miners and soldier’s, neither one though ever took my fancy as a profession, although at the tender age of 16, I did try the British Army – not to my liking though. My affection for the RAF always took my first place but alas I failed to get in. Nether the less, the love of aircraft was always my passion and anything to do with the RAF.

My favourite subjects at school though was History and English (writing) and I was a little successful at getting a poetry book published but it never made me rich. History however facinated me then and still. I would research anything but mainly World War 2.

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My Influences

Hello Again. / I have many influences for my photoraphy, too many to go through really but I will mention my main ones. / I’m a great history buff, love delving in to the past, learning about my ancestors and the way they lived. One huge influence is Dame Catherine Cookson, the authoress from South Shields. / Another influence is my hometown of Newcastle upon Tyne with its history and cultu…
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Thank You For Stopping By

Just a short entry for my first shot at this: / Im John, nicknamed Stuffy by a preservation group I’m involved with who say I have a resemblence to the World War 2 RAF Fighter Command Chief: Sir Hugh Dowding. / I live five miles away from Newcastle City Centre in a small area called Westerhope, right on the doostep of Newcastle Airport. / Loved photography from an early age when I was given…
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