Introducing leggings. Step into a world of stunning designs.

HEY EVERYONE- Just wanna quickly thank all the people who like my work enough to pay for it! I’d love to see what my stuff looks like in print, especially the iphone and ipad cases. If you have photos you’d like to send of my merch, I’d really appreciate it if you share it with me. THANKS!

I’m also donating half of the proceeds from my cat merchandise to Toronto Street Cats, ( a non-profit volunteer-run organization that spays and neuters feral cats in the greater-Toronto area.

Hey friends! My name is Lisa, I love to draw and I love to waste my time. Here’s where you can see the things I waste my time drawing. I’d say I spend way too much on t-shirts, but… I regret nothing!

I also am crazy about buttons. You can find all my designs here!
I have an Etsy shop too.
And what? Even a Storenvy?
There’s still a ton of things in the works, so check back again to see new stuff.

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