Born in Canterbury, Kent, in 1971, I have always been surrounded by beautiful countryside and varied and diverse coastline. Photography has become an outlet for expressing my love for the region.

My first proper camera was a Zenit 35mm SLR which I got in my late teens / early twenties. I can’t remember a great deal other than it was so heavy I was convinced it was made out of spare tank parts. This lasted for a few years but despite always having an interest in photography and the region it wasn’t until May 2007 that I got my first digital SLR and my rekindled photographic journey restarts here.

The digital route has allowed for cheaper experimentation as I always tend to have to play around with a few shots to get it to look how it does in my head, although this is lessening with more experience.

I can usually be found out in remote Kentish collections at unearthly times of the day to capture the best light and remoteness and beauty of the scene.

  • Age: 43
  • Joined: March 2008