ATTENTION: Because i´m under contract with various publishers that demand they have “first dibs” on my work i wont make any of the pictures i upload to this account available as prints. However i have now opened up a new account only dedicated to selling selections of my work. You can find this gallery here:


I´m sorry for possibly posting duplicates of something that i might already have posted at my original stridsberg-account But i need to keep them separeted due to above mentioned reasons.

Hiya! :-)

My name is Andreas Stridsberg and I´m a photographer living in the north of Sweden, right outside a small town called Örnsköldsvik. I´ve been photographing ever since 2004 and my passion for it keeps growing. So far i´ve had some success by getting one of my photos sold through IKEA Worldwide, won a few contests….and i´m particulary proud of being highly commended in “Digital Photographer of the Year 2007”. :-)

I´m always looking for new representation, so if you are a publisher or an agency and you find my work interestering…then don´t hesitate to give me a holler. :-)

My main work can be seen on my website:

Many thanks.

/ Andreas Stridsberg :-)

P.S. I do apologize for not repaying your generosity concerning viewing and commenting my work. I really wish i could do the same with yours, but i´m kinda short on time when trying to maintaine basically two jobs and also caring for a 13 month old boy. So please don´t mistake my lack of time for being arrogant or something. :-)

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