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Random Thoughts II: Does Harry Potter Hate America?

Have you read the Harry Potter series? I have to say that I really, really enjoyed those fanciful works and have to commend J. K. Rowling for a job well done! Those hefty tomes held my attention raptly and I could barely wait until the next installment of Harry’s misadventures. Harry the lowly underdog who had lost both his parents to the evil wizard, “He who must not be named” or “You know who”, one dark night while Harry was a babe. His mother’s love saved him and he went on to be a wizard among wizards at both Hogworts and all the other wizard schools also. Which brings me to my point of contention with Rowling’s works, I didn’t see an American wizard school represented anywhere in the series whatsoever. Aren’t there any American wizards out there in the Muggle multitudes? Perhaps all the American wizards were too busy fighting world wizard terrorism and other magic type injustices and couldn’t attend school functions?

Americans were sadly overlooked in all cases in J. K. Rowling’s works and I for one wonder why that is? The U.S. and England have always had a close association politically, religiously, and economically in the real world so shouldn’t Americans have a special place in Harry’s fictitious and wonderful world of wizardry also? I know this particular American is feeling rather left out in this case. Sadly this seems rather prevalent today in many of films breaking new ground in cinematic splendor. In other words, if you don’t have a British accent you seem rather mundane and unappreciated or at least I do. I mean Aragorn (Viggo Mortensen) and Frodo (Elijah Wood) in the Lord of Rings series are distinctly American and good. How unusual in an almost entirely foreign cast!

I’m quite sure that all the American wizards were home on their own soil and just too busy to appear in the movies or books. American wizards were all in United States fixing things that only magic (and I mean real MAGIC) could fix. These American wizards were probably trying to magically fix the American banking system to thaw the credit crunch in the U.S. and thus the world’s credit problems. Or perhaps they were magically trying to improve President Bush’s approval rating? (Now that would be some real magic!) Maybe they have been focusing all their efforts on reducing petroleum prices? I can only guess that OPEC has its own team of wizards on retainer (God knows they can afford it!) to keep prices Mount Everest high. You can almost see the SWAT like van pull up and Arabs spill out like clowns at a circus with wands blazing as they counteract all the work the American wizards have accomplished from the confines of their gas guzzling SUV’s. They could also simply be trying their magic spells on saving their soon to be foreclosed enchanted properties since they’ve been far too busy trying to repair others’ problems rather then being able to focus on their own. Unfortunately it’s going to take more then magic to stop or deter a gleeful banker from taking your home away from you. If magic really worked on bankers….now that would be movie to make or a book to write. Wait a minute now, I know that they were doing, they were creating a very strong spell to make the DOLLAR actually worth something! Now that’s some strong magic worth taking note of isn’t it? And evidently American wizards aren’t quite as creative as their British or French counterparts since I’m burning my dollars as a heating source since I can’t afford fuel to heat my home……..oh wait a moment, that was repossessed wasn’t it?

You know what really makes me terribly sad while I try to write a few humorous lines of prose? The really, really tragic part of all this is that America, the Home of the BRAVE and Land of the FREE, has for the most part helped out (almost magically) in every natural disaster and conflict in every corner of the world. Yet anti-Americanism is rampant across the globe and that looks to be a common theme for a long time to come. America’s real magic is in its generosity and ability to help others the world over while never or rarely getting a thank you in return. Oh I know that the United States isn’t perfect, believe me. Problems abound both internally and externally and an ungrateful and hateful world isn’t helping so let’s try this little bit O’magic. How about America focuses on America for a change? I’m a firm believer that you should clean up your own backyard before taking on the neighbor’s. How about that idea? Let’s take the purely selfish route for a change and when disaster strikes or freedom is threatened in some far flung place rather then throwing food and money at it let’s have the new American slogan be “DEAL WITH IT!!”? How would that strike the world’s fancy? We’re always being told Americans have a responsibility to help! America has to be held accountable because of its riches and deep pockets! Now why is that really? Our help is always wanted but at what cost to us? It’s not like our help is appreciated in any way by those who receive it. CNN certainly touts those who hate us and revile us. I think change is in the wind and I can almost smell it and you know what? I relish it!

How about America invests in its citizens and homeland for a change and if there happens to be any scraps left over maybe, just maybe you’ll get a few and then again maybe you won’t. It’s time for the world to be accountable to America for a change because in my eyes no country “deserves” our help and we as a people and a country have no real responsibility to anyone but ourselves. (Except for the British of course!!) And yes I’m saying Israel (the 51st state) also has to be held accountable for American help too. I can’t fairly leave that one out now!

So what do you think world? I’ve gone from Harry Potter and humor into a bit of a political rant but it all ties together like it or not. So if you’re a disaster victim in Myanmar and the cyclone has taken everything from you and you look up and see an AMERICAN military cargo plane overhead laden with food and medical supplies or anywhere else in the world where disaster or a war that is being fought or has been fought for YOUR freedom how about saying a little prayer (To any god or deity of your choice! It’s a free country after all!) for America the lowly underdog of world opinion? Like it or not the world is a better place because of AMERICA, Land of the FREE and Home of the BRAVE and as of right now we share our table and bounty freely but those days are numbered as far as most Americans and I’m concerned. Just think on that for a minute and realize what can and could be lost without the MAGIC that is the UNITED STATES of AMERICA? We Americans already understand Harry Potter’s go-it-alone style and overwhelming tenacity. So how about some love world? Because just like Harry we can see the evil out there lurking and wer’re willing to help stem it but the real question is are you……………….?

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Random Thoughts II: Does Harry Potter Hate America? by 


  • devoss
    devossover 4 years ago

    Black Heart,
    First, I do hope you realize that magic does not really exist. Next, America has overwhelmingly embraced Harry Potter. Everywhere that I go, I see the remnents of the magic that Rowling has written. And you are right to commend her. However, your rant about no American wizards is entirely unwarranted. Their are no American wizards in her books because she is a British Writer. The story is based in England and everything takes place in england. Does every great American novel have an englishman? No. And I would greatly appreciate if you would provide research for your claims next time you go into a political rant. Harry Potter does not hate America, he’s just British, nothing more nothing less. Back to the point of providing facts, America and England have not “always had a close association politically, religiously, and economically.” In fact, America was founded off of refugees who largely fled from England to have politcal, religious, and econnomic freedom. Though everything may seem hunky-dory with London and America in economic and political standpoints, religion is still a major rift between America and England. How does a country that has religious freedom stay religiously close with a country whose no-longer-mandatory-but-still-an-overwhelming-majority religion that we tried to escape from. You then continue to complain about all the problems that American Wizard’s would struggle with. How about instead of complaining about the supposed anti-american atitude contained within the novels you should get up and actually do something about fixing the problems (though Bush’s approval ratings hardly matter anymore). Next, you say that Aragorn and Frodo are distinctly American characters. Well Harry is distinctly British (having lived there and all) but Aragorn and Frodo live in an imaginary world, and has no textual basis for being American. Now I understand your arguments that America gives out help and in return gets scorn from other nations. I understand this all too well and I agree with most of what you said. But you dare insult Rowling because she did not have Americans in her books. Black Heart, you seem to recognize the “American Spirit” in the actions of a fictional character. Now I have an idea. Since Harry Potter is fictional, you can pretend that he is American. And the next time you see something wrong with the world ask yourself, “What would Harry Potter do?” Embrace the American Spirit, get up and then maybe act heroicly.


  • Acutally, I have read all of the Harry Potter books and absolutely love them. I don’t see any anti-American passages in the books and just wanted to have fun with the fact that there are no “Americans” in the series. This was just for fun and a few laughs and I in no way wanted to insult anyone or any author. I’m sorry you couldn’t see that. I am also quite sure that magic does exist in this weary old world. Perhaps not of the Harry Potter variety but in many ways I’ve seen magic all my life in one form or another.

    Once again I direct no scorn to anyone or anything. I just enjoy having fun with the political climate that has enveloped our world. I am from a family of immigrants that came here hat-in-hand in the late 19th century and since I’m a human “mutt” so-to-speak I feel that I can make light of all. If I offended I truly apologize but at the risk of raising another’s ire…………….well……….I just can’t help myself!

    Good day!

    – Black Heart

  • redhanded
    redhandedabout 4 years ago

    I think I’d prefer no mention than having my country’s sole refernce be that of a place of exile (or refuge, either way it is still seen as a world away with nothing to do with the struggles in the north…). Where are the Australian wizards, and why does Hermione send her parents there to keep them safe? Does nothing magically exciting ever happen here?

  • ChrisCoutureUK
    ChrisCoutureUKover 3 years ago

    I’m trying to think very carefully about my comment before writing it. Stuff it, I’m just going to say it straight…

    Harry Potter was VERY British because it was set in Britain, with British characters, at Britain’s wizarding school (hence why Fleur Delacour is from a French all-girls wizarding school and Viktor Krum is from a wizarding school in Bulgaria). In the wizarding world I’m sure there would be a school for American wizards – it just isn’t mentioned in the HP books.

    But you ask WHY there are no references to America, an American wizarding school or American wizards. Here is the harsh truth…

    Britain is HEAVILY over-looked by America. American TV producers have taken numerous British TV shows and said “we love it, we want it over here… however, we want to remake it with an American cast” (See; Skins, Shameless, The Inbetweeners, Queer As Folk, The Office, Being Human…). It’s out-right Anglophobia because the show is no different (they literally reshoot the entire show with an American cast; same characters, script, storylines, props, even camera angles, etc), which means they basically say “we absolutely love it, but there is one problem… it’s British”. Britain therefore is kept in the dark while this “amazing new show” hits US screens, an amazing new show that is stolen from the Brits.

    As this Anglophobia has increased over the last few decades, in a term called “Americanization” (and America is the only country who has any form of “[nation]ization” (nothing is Australianized or Britishized), more and more British (and Irish) writers are putting their foot down and saying that American film producers cannot “Americanize” a British story.

    Did you know, when Hollywood film producers approached JK Rowling to turn the books into movies they wanted to “Americanize” them. They wanted to transform the characters, setting, etc into “American”. Why? Sorry, America speaks English because of who?? At this, JK said that she would never agree to having her books made into movies unless they kept the characters British – and played by British actors (not American actors with cr*p British accents), that it was all set in Britain (or more specifically England), and that whatever scenes could be filmed in Britain would be.

    This “Britain comes first” movement has gained JK so much respect from the British public, because she was willing to sacrifice being paid millions (and millions) of dollors for the film rights to her books all to stay true to her books and her country.

    (JK has said he biggest regret throughout the book process was allowing the American publishers, Scholastic, to rename the first book from “HP and the PHILOSOPHER’S stone” to “HP and the SORCERER’s stone”.)

    Now I’ve explained the background, the reason there is no reference to America is that the attitude in other English-speaking nations is “you take enough from us and give us no credit, we’re not giving you the satisfaction of giving you more attention”.

    Your article proves my point. You automatically expect America to be referenced in it. But why? Why should America HAVE to be mentioned? Other countries not mentioned, like Australia, New Zealand, Canada, etc aren’t complaining because they have no expectations, but America now has an expectation to always be involved.

    And on a final note…after everything I’ve said, I cannot tell you how unbelievably p***ed off the Brits are that “The Wizarding World of Harry Potter” was built in Orlando, Florida.

  • Black Heart
    Black Heartover 3 years ago

    Sorry this was just for fun. i LOVE THE POTTER SERIES. ONCE AGAIN JUST FOR FUN!

  • Cshoes
    Cshoesover 3 years ago

    I’m gonna burst a couple bubbles here. An American school with American wizards and witches were mentioned. Go re-read the beginning of the Goblet of Fire, during the World Cup they referred to a group of witches from the Salem school of Witchcraft. As in Salem, Massachusetts. I’m now gonna get out of here while I’m still somewhat ahead.

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