I’ve been a commercial river guide for 20 years now, and although I don’t get on the river as much as I used to (or as much as I’d like), I still guide a few trips a year. I’ve been heavily involved in photography since 1996. I built my own darkroom and watched huge chunks of time get swept in under the door and sucked out by the fan. Although I went digital in 2006, I still collect old film cameras and have a few models I’m hunting/saving for.

I have an undergraduate degree in English, and I’m creeping towards a Master’s Degree in Natural Resources. I work in environmental monitoring and GIS technology. Occasionally, when I’m very lucky, photography helps pay a few bills or buy a new camera.

I had work published in college several times and more recently my photos have been used by Canyonlands Jeep Rentals, Toby Keith’s Bar and Grill, Tour West (where I currently guide) and by Grand Canyon National Park.

Some of my more recent work may be seen on the Collections page of my personal website:

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