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The Unusual Tale of Bugz the Possum

Once upon a time there was a possum named Bugz.

he lived in a houe in the middle of nowhere

he was friends with the local chooks, and would often share their food.

Though, Bugz was lonely. So even though he was friends with the chooks, at night, he would steal into the feed shed and eat more food, just to pass the time. some times, he got caught, but the extra bread was always worth the trouble.

then, one day, Bugz met Lucy. She was the prettiest possum Bugz had ever seen. they were bff’s from the first moment!

Bugz and Lucy got up to all sorts of mischeif! they broke into the chook feed, they terrorised the cats, they scampered across the roof of the house in the middle of the night!
But one night, something aweful happened.
just when Bugz was enjoying himself, and baby possum starting to come out of Lucy’s pouch, Lucy was a bit too silly and fell into the giant round thing full of water!

Bugz could do nothing but watch as Lucy struggled to get back to the surface.
But Bugz knew that noting that went in the big wet thing ever came out again. Bugz waited till Lucy didnt move any more, then left.
He found a cool, dark place to curl up in and sleep. it smelt funny, and there was lost of soft paper, but it was comfy, so he setled down.

It was quiet during the day usually in his new hiding place, but sometimes, the tall white monsters would make too much noise, so he would bang on the wall to tell them to be quiet.
But one day, he made to much noise, and one of the tall white monsters found him in his cool dark place. it had long dark hair and made high pitch sounds.
He didnt understand what the sounds meant, so he stayed as still as possible.
“Love!!! there’s a possum in the fire-place!!!”
“I said there’s a possum in the fire-place!!!!”

The other tall white monster wasn’t very nice. it made deeper, and louder sounds, and poked at Bugz with a stick, trying to pry him out of his space. Eventually the tall white monsters picked him up, covered him up and threw him out side. Panicing, Bugz ran up the nearest tree and hid there.

the following morning, Bugz watched the nasty tall white monster leave his house while it was still dark, so Bugz thought it would be safe to crawl back into his cool dark place.
But, during the day, he accidentally moved and made the wall make a big noise, that alerted the other tall, white monster to the fact that he was there again. sure enough, she opened the door to his place, and made some noises.
“Hello again. I thought we’d gotten rid of you.”

she gave Bugz some apricots to nibble on while she moved a couch into a door way and closed another door, so Bugz only had one way out.
she covered the floor with some big soft things, and gently proded at Bugz to get him to move. he hissed at the tall white monster, so she knew that he wasnt going to move, but she grabbed a soft thing to wrap Bugz in and lent in to grab him. But Bugz was having none of that again. He jumped into action, biting the tall white monster as hard as he could (which was quite hard to do with only one tooth) as he flew out the dark place, marking his territory as fast as he could so that the monster would finally understand that it was his place, and he would be back!

He raced out the opening and ran and hid between the house and the tall warm thing that lead to his dark place. he fell asleep there in the afternoon sun for a while, listening to the sounds of the monster moving and making sounds inside.
“fucking possum! bloody hell what a fucking mess! stupid fucking animal!”
later, before the house went quiet again, the moster came out and found his hiding spot again, waking him by throwing something at him. he blinked at her, wondering what next, but the monster made some noises, and walked away.
“thats a dumb fucking place to hide! the whole world can see you. there’s some apriocts on the ground when your hungry. dont go down the chimney again, poss. its not a good place for you to be. see you later.”
he sniffed the air and smelt some sweet fruity things just below him ont he ground. he crept down, and nibbled at them, before climbing up the wall of the house to go back to his cool dark spot.

the end

The Unusual Tale of Bugz the Possum


Maffra, Australia

  • Artist
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Artist's Description

this is based on a true story
uploaded 12:23pm

Artwork Comments

  • David A. Everitt (aka silverstrummer)
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