what kind of world?

What kind of world are we living in when we can’t be fucked lending a hand?
What kind of place is this when we ignore those around us?
What things go through your mind when you ignore a plea for help?
Do you think you’re better than everyone around you? Do you just not care?

What kind of place is this? Are you expecting someone else to say “Me!”?
What kind of world is this when we all miss opportunities?
What are you thinking, when you see someone more popular than you?
Do you want to bring them down? Are you really that childish?

What kind of world are we creating for ourselves? Is this really how you want it?
What kind of world is it, where every question is met with silence?
What kind of place do you come from to think that you can just ignore?
Do you mean to hurt? Or is it just that you’re un-educated?

What kind of world are we coming too when all I see are the selfish?
The rotten, the mean spirited, the wicked and the damned?
What kind of place are you condemning me to?
Do you really want to stay here? Is this the world you want to create?

© Strawberries 2010

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How many of you ignore the journal entries and the forum posts and the group messages that ask for help and advice? how many times have you glanced at one and thought, “someone else will do it.”? I’m guilty of it, and I know you all are, but I declare that it stops now! coz guess what? chances are, no one else will say anything, they wont know that you looked and said nothing. what if you know the answer and are that persons saving grace? what if you are the difference between life and death? what if knowing that, and you still walk away?
are we really that selfish? are we really that self centered?


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  • Jurmale
    Jurmaleover 4 years ago

    I love your poetry, strawberries! Beautiful!:)x

  • thankyou Paul =) you are very kind

    – strawberries

  • Pagly4u
    Pagly4uover 4 years ago

    Ohh Strawberries too many ignore journal etc…….I sometimes wonder what they do here…..because many do not comment on work done either….so are they so wrapped up in their own importance that only their work is important…….People are strange…….Beautiful strange…lol hugs XXX ohh and a Brilliant write…..but then all you write is brilliant…….XXXX

  • i know, and its a double standard when they expect you to read theirs. its just so frustrating that i have ideas and ask for opinions and i get nothing, and i see others beg and plead for help. often i dont comment because i dont know how to help, but have since realised that people would at leat prefer that i said that coz atleast they know someone looked.
    people indeed are starnge. loved studying psychology way back, learning about all kinds of human behiours, but i still frustrates me.
    Lol and thankyou, im glad you think my work is brilliant, that makes me smile
    p.s. sorry for such a long reply

    – strawberries

  • jammingene
    jammingeneover 4 years ago

    So true. I agree 100%. Great job my buddy

  • thanks gene

    – strawberries

  • wigs
    wigsover 4 years ago

    I like to think i’m not selfish as spend more time reading and commenting but i know what you mean….. i just gave up on group messages, the more groups you’re with the more messages… so i just stick to moderating my groups and my watchlist…. probably guilty in part but maybe not everyone understands the community spirit is essentially communication (two way)….
    loved the write and straight to the point

  • that may be true, that not everyone understand comunity spirit, particularly online comunity. and true about the groups too! i woke up this morning only to have 12 new messages and i was thinking, “I dont wanna read them!” but i always do, lol
    thnks for commenting =)

    – strawberries

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