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Well, I guess some hellos are in order.
Hi everyone.
I know I’ve been rather quite the last few years, been only in and out to upload work, due to health issues. But I’ve been back, and looking around…
and all i can say is hmmmm….

Does this mean I can say I worked for the Smashing Pumpkins?

This’ll teach me to read newsletters more though lol.
Earlier in the week, JPG.com released on their blog the winners of a challenge I had entered, titled “Imagine Oceania”, a series of works to be designed for each for the songs on the new Smashing pumpkins album. this competition was held back in June, and I had forgotten all about it. The image I entered featured an ethereal feminine figure reaching for the stars. But I had been disappointed with the image as it didn’t capture what I had wanted it too, but I entered it anyway.
I shouldn’t have worried.
My image, the Celestials was chosen, and now, it is to be printed on a big poster and signed by Billy Corgan himself.
you can all read more about it here

so does this …

Being Exhbited in LA is so cool

Yep, that’s right, after 3 hard years of making tonnes of work, I finally achieved one goal, which was to be exhibited in a show in Los Angeles.
It opened on the 10th of January and goes until Febuary at LACDA, so go see it if you can!
woo hoo!!!! :D


So, Art takes Times Square premired on the 18th of June in New York City, and thousands of artists from across the globe got to see their work shown the the famous square. AND I WAS ONE OF THEM!!!! WWWOOOOOHHHHOOOOO

tada! now, my innocent weapon will take over the world LOL!!!!!!

Qantas Spirit of Youth Australia awards

Firstly, thankyou to those of you who helped me in the artists wanted art takes times square comp, i got the 77 votes, and will be exhibited (breifly) on a bilboard in new york- SO COOL!

this next one, is to win a 4 day photography mentorship in Paris, and a trip to the Edinburgh art fair in Scotland.
All you got to do is follw the link, and click like. the more likes the more likekly the judges are to include it in the final entries.
so please like it, it will take you five seconds!
Eating Strawberries


p.s. click on you fave image and click the heart too, that would be awesome xx