It’s a tee. It’s a dress. It’s the new Graphic T-shirt Dress.


New competion, new votes required

It must be the end of the year, you know when you get al those arty emails announcing new competions, so heres the latest one Artists Wanted has put out the open call, which of course I entered LOL
its the same deal as the 3rd Ward profile, every 24 hours,follow the link, rate the portfolio with the stars and thats it
I post reminders on my twitter page and my facebook page, so if you think you’l forget, follow me or become a fan.

Artists Wanted-Strawberries portfolio

please pass this link around, suggest to friends, the more votes the better =D
love ya’s


I would like to say THANKYOU to dear friend ArtistJD who purchased a card of my work Vintage
many, many thanks to you =)

and as it ’tis the season, i have prepared a festive image for you all =) which i dedicate to all the wonderful friends I have made and met on RB this year. where-ever you are, whatever you do, how ever you celebrate, whatever you celebrate, I hope it is fun, joyful, and filled with the people you love.
you guys mean alot to me, so this is for all the people who know I love em, and even for those who havent got a clue =)

have a good one every one
love strawbs

3rd Ward open call art competion-PLEASE VOTE!!!!

Hey Hey bubblers, nice to see some of you had awesome weekends. I myself had a movie night with Angelofdeathjes =) and we watched some awesome movies.

But the purpose of this journal entry is to rally up some last minute votes =D
you may remember me entering a week or so back, and i only had two images, well now I have four, so I ask to please spare a few seconds of your time and head over to my portfolio and vote for me using the stars at the top of the screen. you can vote again every 24 hours, so it would be appreciated if you guys could do that. if any of you have entered yourselves let me know, and i shall return the favor =)

Strawberries Portfolio

love ya’s


back earlier in the year, tickets to Muse sold out pretty fast, and i missed out. but then, Lady Luck smiled upon me and I scored a ticket XD my aunt had ended up with a spare ticket, and she gave it to me!!!!
It was fantastic! you haven’t really heard Muse till you’ve seen them live, the sound is amazing.
but of course, i took plenty of photos XD

3rd ward open call for artists

hello my dear bubblers, some of you probably already know that New York’s 3rd Ward is calling for entries for thier latest open art competion. some of you may like to enter, which you can do here but i would very much apreciate if you could head over to my portfolio and drop some votes =)
last time i checked you didnt have to sign up or anything, just rate the below link with the stars in the top right corner

eating strawberries portfolio

i've been everywhere man...

hey RB’ers, hows life?
i’ve been slightly out of touch recently, and just thought i’d fill you guys in on the wanderings of my life, even if you don’t care LOL.
lets see…
i went on a road trip with my mum and kid sister over the great Australian alps

we went and visited towns in the north east of Victoria, Bright, Smoko, Beechworth, Yakandanda for four days, visiting every cemetery I saw LOL

we had a masquerade tea party on top of mount Buffalo which was amusing =P

and i found an awesome couple of shops, one selling all Halloween decorations and costumes, and another selling fairy and fantasy art and collectibles

and then it was Halloween…

so how are the rest of you?
p.s. 15% off code is for my work is: strawberries_is_on_sale_5669

SALE!!!! Woohoo!!!!

well, today marked the end of my second year at uni!!!! woop woop! now im on break for quite a while before beginning my 3rd and final year, but the best way to end it of all was to log on after a few days of internet withdrawal and find that dear Michelle Scott had bought a laminated print of stolen and that my work for the superhero’s alphabet had been bought also =D

it has certainly brightened my evening =D

but i have been busy busy busy. got all my work done except for my last theory essay which i had better get on to ASAP lol, and visited SYDNEY!
i had never been there before last Saturday, and it was awesome. it took me a while to figure out why people like it so much, but now i understand lol. the traffic was terrible, but the people are so nice, and the city is so much pretti…

Summer seems to be here early...

Hey Hey everyone! haven’t written anything for a while =)
summer seems to have arrived, hot and sunny, with all the nasty little pollen-y flowers in bloom and the bees and the stinging grasses LOL but nothing can stop me smiling lol
things are getting exciting; last three weeks of semester of uni before break, and then i’ll have finished my second year. only one more to go!
caught up with a old friend who surprised me by having so much in common after so long apart. we’ve been doing alot of stuff together like going to Walhalla and taking tones of photos, or just hanging out at her house =D and eating french onion dip.

there’s this canola field beside one of the roads atm, and we stopped of course to take some photos, so this is one of me, and below is one of her lol



I have some exciting news! Cuddlechimp wanted to make a new group a few weeks back, ad asked me to be co-host. so i said yes and now the group is up and swinging!!! Red for Rebel -Your photo, drawing etc, needs to be of something, someone, or even you doing something rebellious, or of something you rebel against. For example your mother says eat strawberries they will make you strong, do a piece of art of strawberries being blended.

so head on over, have a look, maybe join up!
Love Lots

Hi Everyone

hey RB’ers, hope your all well in your respective real and cyber worlds.
The last couple of days I’ve been rather quiet, i know. but i do have a good excuse haha.
Now that I’m actually awake long enough to sit up and open my laptop I can now tell you guys that last Thursday this little strawberry was in hospital having surgery. had to have my gall bladder out so i now have 4 awesome scars on my stomach haha!

I spent the worst night EVER in hospital Thursday night, the nurses were the nastiest people I have ever come across, so me and the others on the ward with me stayed up chatting most of the night we were all forced to wake up at 5 am by the nurses, but since we had stayed up all night it didn’t really matter. the nurses also told me off for taking photos LOL

my da…

AAAAAHHHHHH!!!!! another sale!!!!

OMG! another sale. =D
after spending the day yesterday at Wilson’s Promontory National Park, I came home to find I had sold some cards!!!

this is Norman Beach

the Tidal River Entrance

one of the many awesome views from Mt. Oberon

one of the views as we headed into the Prom

Norman Beach Again

Emus! i wanted to photograph this wombat that was on the side of the road, but as soon as we stopped, it ran for cover, and these fellows were right there as well.

these are just some of the photos i took yesterday, it was so awesome down there, it was raining and cold, and so fantastic!
But it was Rosetta Jallow who ended my day on high with her purchase of Vampire eye and Hey God…
perfect end to a perfect day =)

Is it time again, to “stick it to the man” once more?

Is it time again, to “stick it to the man” once more?
Art can change the world. That is now its function. Once it was a primal way of recording everyday lives and communication on a basic level. Now it is far more complex. We use it to show the ill-informed and uneducated what society is REALLY like. But society is beginning to stop hearing us.
That much is clear.
When new rules come into play and the affected are not informed, how is that democracy? When we cannot plead ignorance, as that is illegal, but new laws can be brought in without informing those affected? This week, universities across Australia brought in Rules that state that lectures and students cannot mingle, communicate, have one on one sessions, or discuss personal issues that may be affecting study. The consequences of thes…

Number 1. status complete


okay, so it is just a wig, but i did dye my hair wash out blue! it was awesome. at least for the first day when the colour was still vibrant LOL!
number 27 i have also managed to complete! it has now been two weeks since i last lost my keys! whoo!
“50 things to do before I’m old, fat and ugly ":

Just so’s you know:
1. go to my home page and check out the new link to my new Zazzle Store =).
i just had to make a strawberry mug! lol
2 go check out the following challanges
Best Vampire/werewolf

Celebrities and the internet-your opinon

A friend just asked me, “Whats the go with celebs and the internet. if they have an open FB,Twitter and/or Myspace account, are they cool with having their fans add them?”
to which I replied, “I have no idea.” (coz i’m so original! lol)
so i told her I would ask you guys, the free thinkers of the world lol. I have never pondered this, so I don’t know what to think. I always thought that the point of such sites was to connect people in this way, to make everything accessible, but just because its there, does that mean you should do it? but I don’t use these sites as much, the easiest place to talk to you all is here =) so there is no need foe me to spend hours playing games on facebook, or tweeting, “I’m making a cuppa”.
so, what is …

50 things to do before I’m old, fat and ugly

50 things to do before I’m old, fat and ugly
1. Dye hair electric blue, it’s the only colour hair I’ve never had
2. Do lord of the rings tour in New Zealand, every die hard rings fan has to do it!
3. Visit Uluru
4. Complete and record a song (at least one) and it better be a number 1 hit LOL
5. Visit New York
6. Bungy jump!!!
7. Learn to drive a manual car, but it’s not like I can drive anyway lol
8. Buy a real camera haha
9. Be an extra in a fav. TV show
10. Travel to America-this ties in with number 5
11. Live in LA for a while
12. Travel to Europe
13. Complete a novel- I’m good at starting just not finishing!!!
14. Publish poems in an award winning book haha
15. Fit into a pair of purple suede stripper boots, LOL!
16. Go see pandas in china
17. Go see pandas at Adelaide zoo if number 16 fails LOL
18. S…

Inspiration: An Interview- strawberries

Inspiration: An Interview

1. What’s your favourite artistic tool or piece of equipment (past, present or dream)?
my computer, i has photoshop, paint (lol) and my music on it. all my artistic resorces in one place =)
2. Which work are you most proud of and why?
Vampire eye, because it happened by acciedent =) the best kind of work starts as an accident lol

3. Which artwork by a fellow RB artist do you secretly wish you’d created and why?
i dont think there is any one artwork, but i wish my digital work would mimick the styles of Raven Soul, Anna Shaw, and Phatpuppy becuse their works seem so mysterious and have a false sense of reality about them that i cant acheive.
4. If you could learn any new creative skill or technique, what would it be?
I would learn how to paint int he old masters style, h…

Just Need To Clear This Up

Hello Everybody
hope you guys are doing well.
Recently an issue has cropped up for me, regarding my real identity. i have be constantly been getting streams of bmails form close freinds and people I have never met asking me for my age, name, adress and such.
I would just like to make it clear that if i wanted to share this info with you I would have already. Strawberries is who I am, if you dont like that answer too bad.

there are a few that this does not apply to, and you guys know who you are. so you guys can ignore this if you want, you already know how i feel.

but for the rest of you, particularly you strangers who think you have the right to know my personal info, you dont! I want to be known as Strawberries, be taken seriously as Strawberries and treated with respect as Strawberries. …


The Austrailan Government, last year, decided to make a new payment for University students, such as myself, to help us go to uni. at the time that sounded good. but it was for only new students, and seeing as i’m not new anymore, didnt think it would affect me. how stupid I was.
Got a letter yesterday, after being in Melbourne to see the current Ron Mueck exibihtion, saying that my current scholarship that gave me over 6 grand over three years would be changed to the student start-up scholarship, and i would receive 3 grand less.

phew! glad thats over!

Hello Everybody!
Hope you all had a fantastic weekend with easter and chocolate! i certainly had an interesting weekend! done things i never had to do before!

you may have noticed a lack of strawberries (lol) over the weekend, and that was because i spent my easter weekend in various emergancy rooms as my boyfriend nearly cut his thumb off with an angle grinder whilst trying to fix his hobby car. yes he is ok, and all is well, but let me start from the begining…

Saturday morning arived gloomy and wet, my perfect kind of weather. 9:30 am i get awoken by my mobile ringing, to which i answer, “what?”
the answer through the phone is “I’ve cut my finger with an angle grinder. im in the local emergancy ward.”
my response “good for you.” (I’m s…


Well, as some of you know, not long back i was trying to do a little bit of promtion

well my strawberry friends, now i need your help, to try something similar to what i was asking, but slightly altered. why altered i hear you ask? BECUASE this is now for my university course! as fate would have it, my lecture asked me to create a body of work of self portraits and the post the ALL OVER THE WORLD! how the hell am I supossed to do that? well, i hoping for your help and support!

the idea is to put up posters everywhere and anywhere, London,Edinburgh, Berlin, Paris, LA, New York, Perth, Sydney, Melbourne, EVEN YOUR OWN LOCAL TOWN and the take a photo of them up, and then leave them there. it will not be the same images i have used abouve in my other work, but photos that i have specificaly…

Vote for Pedro

ok, its not Pedro you need to vote for LOL (well you dont need to vote for anybody really if you dont wana)

but this little strawberry has an entry in One for the writers Dark Cabaret challange. any votes for my peice Darkness would be greatly apreciated =D love you all forever! LOL
and i’m sure the other artists would also like votes so they know that thier work is loved

p.s. if you havent already, go check out artist k-bryant88

shes got some cool stuff!

Opinions wanted!!!!!

Found this awseome job (well it sounds awesome) and I wondered what everyone else thought, should I give it a shot? or does it not quiet sound me?
follow the link and let me know what you guys think

Anybody wana be a strawberry?

I can play base. I can keep a rhythm. I can sing my heart out, but I just cant write a melody. and i’m getting frustrated! I’m the only one left from the original band, and intend to keep it going! So, is there anyone who wants to be a strawberry, or wants to help a strawberry out musicaly? “I just cant do it alone” as cathrine zeta jones sung in chicago
maybe the band could become global, have memebers from all over the world…


Having a thought here, Barbossa

the other day, while sitting here staring at my highly decorated bedroon walls, a thought occured to me about our times and fame and fourtune. this all started with a descusion about why marilyn monroe was famous still, even though she’s been dead since 1962 in theory class at university. this lead me to the conclusion that FAME IS NOT EARNED, IT IS CREATED.
I then started thinking, well, if its created and not earned, then how to I get my name past Redbubble? i could use facebook, but I’ed rather not go there just yet, facebook is a great way to get notice and have work stolen at the same time, myspace i will start to use when I have some music recorded, but thats been slow in coming being a one-man band suddenly. But then, but then the thought occured to me, do …

Proof of human stupidity! LOL

Proof of human stupidity

1. Only in America……can a pizza get to your house faster than an ambulance.

2. Only in America……are there handicap parking places in front of a skating rink.

3. Only in America……do drugstores make the sick walk all the way to the back of the store to get
their prescriptions while healthy people can buy cigarettes at the front.

4. Only in America……do people order double cheeseburgers, large fries, and a diet coke.

5. Only in America……do banks leave both doors open and then chain the pens to the counters.

6. Only in America……do we leave cars worth thousands of dollars in the driveway and put our useless junk in the garage.

7. Only in America……do we use answering machines to screen ca…

A Very Long Week

so, my dear friends and fellow bubblers, you may have noticed a drop in creativity over the past 4 days due to semester starting again at uni. sigh.
i had hoped that going back would be fun, that things might have changed and things would be fun, but no. i got stuck in a studio at the bottom of a hill (this hill you have to walk up the other side from the carpark to get to) i made one new friend worth keeping, but the new guy that started turned out to be a total asshole and what he’s doing at university i have no idea.
the whole week felt like a waste of time and i kept getting asked to pay for things that i can get for free off the internet. the stresses i had thrown away over the holidays i find are returning. argh!
to make matters worse i have had to drive an unfamiar car all week …


insperation, oh insperation where did you go?
oh how i do miss you so…
oh wait…
there it is
it was hiding in the corner, naughty little thing!
for a moment there i thought i’de lost you!

found this image earlier, just thought i’de share it with you guys

by artist called simplyme

Save Ferris?

ok, so dont actually need to save Ferris Bueller this time around

but this little Strawberry has some art work in the latest Dark Cabaret challange
inspired by music
any votes would be appreciated, and i imagine other artists would love you too

aint this dog just the cutest?

by Terri Kruithof

First month here on RB

WOW what a month!
so much excitement and action!

Writing, gothic promise featured in C.O.R.E.
Tee sanity is relative featured in Freedom to Shine
photograph portrait of a strawberry featured in Creative, Talented and Unknown
art portrait of an angel featured in Rising Star and *1:1 with Celebrities
art fly away featured in Witches, Wizards and Warlocks
art preparing to jump feature in Fantasy fine art composites, Who are YOU to Judge, and Digital Art Compilations
art Fallen featured in C.O.R.E.
art Without My Wings featured on the Red Bubble art Featurepage
(31/1/10) , in C.O.R.E. and in Fantasy Fine Art Composites
art Leo featured in *1:1 with Celebrities
art without you i am nothing featured in Verses Dark
art I don’t need my eyes, I have my heart featured in C.O.R.E.
art dreaming of an angel featu…

david tennant....gone....=( (warning plot spoilers. if havent seen dont read!)

well, the final of Doctor Who with David Tennant aired tonight in Victoria Australia.
the Master coming back to life-oooohhhh
the cactus people-hahahahahaha
the master infecting the human race-gasp shock horror
Donna remembers but doesnt die-hurrah!
the time lords return-double gasp shock horror!
Doctor defeats them-as expected yay
soaks up radiation followed by Lord of the Rings style ending(s)?
what was with all the star wars refrences? haha
then replaced by ugly doctor?
if this new doctor doesnt live up, may his regeneration be swift in coming

nine lives

ok, stumbled across this short this morning.
cant get it to do the whole video thing so heres the link. check it out, funny as
nine lives

also for fans of avatar, found this hillarious piece by anouther RB member


this is a song by comedy duo, The Scared Weird Little Guys.
Enjoy =)

this is a joke ad made for a tv show here in australia, about tourism. hehe i love it.

the strangest story

have you ever gone through all your work from your earliet to your most recent and seen a very bizzar picture story book unfold before your eyes?
i was going back through all the works that are up and noticed my theme for fallen angels, and went from there.
my story seemed to be about a witch that fell in love and became an angel, but fell from grace and is desperate to return to her happy place. may the end be a fairytale =)
tell me what you see? prehaps this is a new work in the making?


doctor who!!!! begining of the end!!!! next sunday 7.30, for us aussies in victoria anyway.
so excited and upset! dont want david tennant to leave. =(
doctor who!!!!!!


It all started when I learnt Elijah Wood was coming to Australia, but there was no way i could get to and stay in Sydney. then I learnt that the Beach Boys tour was starting in Sydney as well, and couldnt go to that eitha, or the Top Gear show!!!! And ALL THIS IS is NOTHING compared to the frustration of my boyfriend returning my car to me BROKEN! thats right BROKEN!!!! got water in my engine! AND then, AND THEN my laptop passes waranty and guess what, IT STARTS FAILING ON ME!!!!!!! I keep tryin to work, but it just crashes on me.

1 week, 9 features! now all we need is a sale....

our first week has been incredible with our work being featured in so many groups, we are truley amazed. 9 features in our fist week! wow, what a start =D
we would like to say a big thankyou too al those who featured our work, thankyou to eveyone who favorited it, and thankyou to eveyone who veiws our profile.
1 week, 9 features, now all we need is a sale…..

Love, Eating Strawberries

3 days 3 features

what an honour. three days and three feautured peices. that keeps the ispiration flowing i must say.
thankyou to everyone who favorited our work and enjoyed it enough to leave a comment. your love means alot to us =D

desktop tablet-landscape content-width tablet-portrait workstream-4-across phone-landscape phone-portrait
desktop tablet-landscape content-width tablet-portrait workstream-4-across phone-landscape phone-portrait