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Does this mean I can say I worked for the Smashing Pumpkins?

This’ll teach me to read newsletters more though lol.
Earlier in the week, JPG.com released on their blog the winners of a challenge I had entered, titled “Imagine Oceania”, a series of works to be designed for each for the songs on the new Smashing pumpkins album. this competition was held back in June, and I had forgotten all about it. The image I entered featured an ethereal feminine figure reaching for the stars. But I had been disappointed with the image as it didn’t capture what I had wanted it too, but I entered it anyway.
I shouldn’t have worried.
My image, the Celestials was chosen, and now, it is to be printed on a big poster and signed by Billy Corgan himself.
you can all read more about it here

so does this mean, that i can add the smashing pumpkins to my artist CV? lol

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