My work is currently being vandelised by a user known as Goosewhite who is posting spam on my work, particularly my peice Careless [note:user has been removed, but keep your eyes open in case they pop up elsewhere!]

If this prick comments on work, REPORT them. THEY ARE A SPAMMER and a BULLY and an ASSHOLE!
If your having a bad day, send this user an abusive email, it might make you feel better!

so if i miss some comments or features, please forgive me guys, I’m having to deal with a slow response from RB and 119 supposed “comments” at a time.


  • leapdaybride
    leapdaybrideover 2 years ago

    Thanks for the warning! They don’t even know the RB codes! No profile either! I don’t understand THESE PEOPLE! ??

  • i dont get it either! and seriously, do they really think that we’re so stupid to click on any links??? we’re too inteligent for that shit.

    – strawberries

  • Raymond Kerr
    Raymond Kerrover 2 years ago

    Hey .. please report this “dickhead” .. 1st class ar5e wipe .. shouldn’t be on here !! hope your OK .. x

  • lol ive been reporting all the comments, so RB admin should have had around the same number of “smap” rports as i was getting lol. 24 hours later, and the retard is finally gone, yay!

    – strawberries

  • TextureoftheSin
    TextureoftheSinover 2 years ago

    So sorry this has happened to you.

  • hey it had to happen sometime, hopefully now my turn is up =)

    – strawberries

  • Martin Dingli
    Martin Dingliover 2 years ago

    Thanks for the warning us,i hope you have a secure system.Good luck with getting RB to do something fast.

  • no worries. thankfully i do have secure system, and RB have now actually done something about it (OMG!!!! they did something lol) so no more spam yay

    – strawberries

  • Mel Brackstone
    Mel Brackstoneover 2 years ago

    They’re gone now…

  • and thank whatever god you want for that! lol

    – strawberries

  • UncaDeej
    UncaDeejover 2 years ago

    Yep they seem to have gone,cant find em anywhere,its a sad thing that you have to put up with this sort of crap,love your work…Deej.

  • meh, occasionally crap happens, yeah, it put me in a foul mood, but now something’s been done, i can go back to being me =)
    and now that people have seen this, they’ll hopefully be on the look out for anyone elese trying this crap.
    and im glad you like my work, thanks Deej

    – strawberries

  • emilyowl
    emilyowlover 2 years ago

    Very very sad.
    I’m really sorry .

  • it is, but at least for a little while its sorted, and we’re all on the look out for anyone who might try this crap again =)

    – strawberries

  • shadowlea
    shadowleaover 2 years ago

    looks like this person has disappeared (nothing comes up on the link)….thank goodness for that

  • yeah RB got rid of them! yay. i’ve just left it up just incase a spammer should show up again, so we’re all on alert just in case.

    – strawberries