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Welcome to my profile page!

If you’ve ever bought any of my shirts, I sincerely hope they’ve met your standards for quality! If you’re browsing through my portfolio out of curiosity, I hope you find something you like. If not, that’s okay too; you can’t always please everyone.

If you find a design that you like that isn’t available as an iPhone case or some other item, but would like it to be, just send some BubbleMail my way and I’ll get to it as soon as I can.

Thank you.

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  • Joined: April 2011


Back to Basics

I haven’t been active much. Sorry about that. But I’ve decided to step up my game and return to my roots. I’m going to dedicate myself to pony shirts again, at least for the time being. I haven’t watched a single MLP episode since Luna Eclipsed back in October, BUT I’m going to marathon all the episodes that have aired up until this point to see if I come up with ide…
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1000th Sale!

Mother of God. / I’ve sold over 1000 units of stickers, shirts, and more. The 1000th sale in question was a “Pinkie Pie – Cutie Mark” shirt. And a thousand thanks yous to everyone who so much as viewed my work. Speaking of views, all shirt designs have gathered a collective total of just over 116,000 views. / You’re all awesome.
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300th Sale!

Thought I’d write a new journal about another milestone I’ve reached: my 300th sale! If you’re wondering, the sale itself was a t-shirt of “POKEMO-…Wait, what?” / I must say, I’m pretty proud of that particular design. I thought I was so clever while I was making it. And something rather curious: I noticed that the number of views it got jumped up by abou…
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I was thinking… As a t-shirt designer, I really do enjoy seeing people wear the shirts I designed. So I thought about it, and I’d like people to send me pictures of themselves wearing my shirts so I can make something like a collage out of them and put it on my profile here. Unfortunately I have nothing to give the people who send me pictures. I don’t think RedBubble gives coupo…
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