Victor Bezrukov

Victor Bezrukov

Rishon Le Zion, Isle of Man

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Israel based freelance photographer, light and shadow warrior, Black and White Photography, Street Photography, Portraits, Lensbaby enthusiast.I often use film 35mm and medium format cameras.

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  • Age: 49
  • Joined: August 2007


behind the scenes project – how to shoot it

Hello friends ! / it takes some time to understand the rules of the new places and out of comfort zone situation. same thing happened to me when i tried myself in the “behind the scenes” project for the full-lenght movie. the movie was filmed in the center of my country at the abandoned territory of the old chemical plant. i freed a few workdays for this project and spent time with the staff, fe…
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Jumping Devils of Jaffa port.

Jumping Devils of Jaffa port. / You can visit the Old Jaffa port and immediately to find them – jumping without pause from the pier to sea water. And if you will dare to do a few shoots of them and do not run on time – you can find yourself encircled by them and screaming “shoot me – shoot me” “post to facebook” and “show me the picture” … real devils !!! / more later ! / Victor / ---—R…
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how to break the rules and to stay alive – Cinematheque.

how to break the rules and to stay alive – Cinematheque. / I think a lot about some wrong influence that i got from the part of Hard Core Street photographers. I think that this happened exactly a few month before the Google+ invited me to the Beta version, when “Street Photographer” and “Streettogs” terms have appeared at the Topics of many articles and posts of different blogs. In these Article…
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cinematheque - new running project on the Photographer's log (blog)

Hello friends ! / new project is on AIR and running. / Cinematheque is album of photographs with cinematographic look, which is expressed by the special editing, composition and tonality of the colors. / and more here : / cinematheque / more coming soon ! / Victor / ---——————————————————…
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