Victor Bezrukov

Victor Bezrukov

Rishon Le Zion, Isle of Man

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Virtual Black and White exhibition !!!

Hello here ! long time no see my friends !

as part of my activity on Google+ this week i created event for photographers " Virtual Black and White Exhibition" with a goal to spot awesome BW works of Google+ photographers for free .. Exhibition closed but all uploaded Black and White works available in the STUNNING slideshow !
more the 400 works – unbelievable INSPIRATION – and all this for free !
Black and White Photography virtual Exhibition

few examples from virtual exhibition :

Mario Rotta

Enzo De Martino

Olga Kafka

Victor Bezrukov

Have a great browsing friends !

More from streets om my Facebook photo page :


3 Posters !!!

Hello all !

long time no see, long time no talk !
after long pause of sales on RB (this is only my work no longer sold or it global tendency of RB ??) and a few minutes ago i sold a 3 (THREE) posters of my works !!


take a breath

take a breath again

Thank you very much for attention, friends !

you canfind me on G+ too:
More from str…

long time no see...

Hello my RB friends !

really long time no see… i’m not really here or there on the Net because very busy time on my work. I hope that this is not last long..
any way, my last work was featured 8 times in groups in during 5 days (4 times today)
i talking about Black and White conceptual portrait :

some words about this work… it much soft, the face may be more in focus…

but it was only 1/10sec to see the moment,to made manual focus and to catch the moment.. no less – no more…. so i got the moment as is.
this one got 90.9 rating result on 500px –
the best from all my images there…

another great news is winning in challenge : Fabulous Flowersthanks a lot to all voters !Another great news – i got invite from Goo…

Google+, googleplus, G+, gplus ......

Hello all

here my profile on Google+ :
Victor Bezrukov on G+

I met several friends from Redbubble there and would like to meet more of you
have a great time !

More from streets om my Facebook photo page :

Victor Bezrukov on G+