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new Blog post about how to start street shots !

Good news ! My first post as part of international Street Photography collective Eye5 :

it’s worth to try

“Big part of us feels shy to go to street and to start take shots in public, not only to photograph strange people and candid moments, but to use camera in such vulnerably place like street”

have a great reading my friends !

More from streets om my Facebook photo page :

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fantastic portaits of kids taken by Elizabeth Bailey

Hello my friends !

another great inspiration !
Photographer Elizabeth Bailey

a few samples :

Enjoy !!

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street photography - for your attention !!

Hello everybody !

i can’t stop myself and would like to post this wonderful collection of street photography from one of photo blog sites i subscripted on.
Street Photography: 80 Superb Examples & Tips

just a few samples from this place :

Enjoy !!

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Native Photography

Hello All my friends…

just wanted to share some interesting Articles about photography
Amazing, strange and outstanding photo works of Mark Peckmezian :

Another fantastic article with HUGE inspiration:

Stunning female and nude art photography from Ekaterina Grigorieva | The D-Photo

For professional photographers – all in title :

Which One? Canon 5D Mk II or Canon 7D for Wedding Photography

And technical info about conversion to B&W :

Do You Make This Classic Mistake in Black and White Post Processing?

BTW – still summer heat here in Israel – i’m waiting for RAIN !!!Feel free to visit my FB fan page !

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My collection of High quality Stock photography on

5D MarkII

Hello all

finally i got it, i moved from my great Canon 40D camera to the new 5D MarkII.
It was my everyday dream for the latest half year period :-))
the one sadly thing – i should to say goodbye to my favorite Canon 10-22 lens..
it can’t work with FF. But all other glasses are sitting well on the new cam.
Still reading and learning although all management less or more looks similar to 40D.

the new works :


both taken with Canon 50mm 1.4 lens..

Right now i reading one great blog with the tips and help how to use this Camera with maximum effect :-)))
"Canon 5D Mark II Users Guide ":
Very simple and interesting reading !

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My collection of High qual…

what to do with $25 e-gift certificate...

Hello Red Bubblers !!Yesterday my picture won the 1001 Noisy Cameras “PEACE” contest and i got the $25 e-gift certificate.. :-))) wowowowow !!so i bought this amazing book of Richard D.Zakia Perception and Imaging, Third Edition: Photography—A Way of Seeing that i wanted to have for a long time :-))Interesting Articles to read on Photofocus:

Become a better photographer by taking fewer shots and
Do you doubt your talent
it all about photography and photographers and i think about psychological aspects for a bit :-))

Features :

was featured in PUPPIES Only! group and

featured in No More Colors group

and a little advertising: :-)))))))))))
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Collection of High quality Stock photography on

Lessons from Street Photography - another amaaaaazing article ...!!!

Another must read article about street photography…

Great Article – Lessons from Street Photography
by Jessyel Ty Gonzalez.

- “Looking back to my first street photography experiences a few years ago, I treated these shooting sessions like I was a private detective or something – being sneaky about it all. Not sure if it was my introverted nature or fear of rejection (more on that later), but I always felt like I was doing something wrong (some sort of guilt complex). Who was I to take photos of complete strangers while they weren’t aware of it?”…….. read more…And here the link to my previous journal with the interesting video – how to do it on Street : -Street portrait photo

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