Victor Bezrukov

Victor Bezrukov

Rishon Le Zion, Isle of Man

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3 Posters !!!

Hello all !

long time no see, long time no talk !
after long pause of sales on RB (this is only my work no longer sold or it global tendency of RB ??) and a few minutes ago i sold a 3 (THREE) posters of my works !!


take a breath

take a breath again

Thank you very much for attention, friends !

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  • Angela King-Jones
    Angela King-Jonesover 3 years ago

    So happy for you Victor, congrats!

  • Farfarm
    Farfarmover 3 years ago

    Great achievement Victor….you have sold more than me in a whole year !!

  • i sold a lot in the first half of this year .. so my question – is it right that Radbubble not so popular place for ART buyers for the last time ??

    – Victor Bezrukov

  • Bob Daalder
    Bob Daalderover 3 years ago

    Hope this person like ‘nails’ too… ;-) this is great Victor!

  • ah got it !!
    hope so !
    i sure there are a lots of “nails” lovers !!
    btw… your nails are awesome ! in color and in bw !

    – Victor Bezrukov

  • Lisa Knechtel
    Lisa Knechtelover 3 years ago

    Congratulations! Those are going to look so great on your buyer’s wall.

  • Rebecca Cozart
    Rebecca Cozartover 3 years ago

    Congratulations! I don’t sell anything on RB. Lucky you!

  • artsmitten
    artsmittenover 3 years ago

    i guess its global tendency of RB :) ..its popular among only artists ..congrats !! these are worth buying as posters , finest arnd ..

  • sounds very sad… the same on DeviantArt.
    looks like people not so interested in Art

    – Victor Bezrukov

  • TheMaker
    TheMakerover 3 years ago


  • Marnie Hibbert
    Marnie Hibbertover 3 years ago

    i occasionally sell one of my most popular works, but its rare. When it happens I’m surprised and happy at the same time. I think that only artists find Redbubble and artists are not that likley to buy other artists work.

  • so agree with you !

    so there is some kind problem with RB …
    i do always promote my works on FB and Twitter but this not enough

    – Victor Bezrukov

  • berndt2
    berndt2over 3 years ago

    brilliant! and a great trio too! re : sales. well… I don’t really expect sales and they’re few and far between but it’s great to hear others doing well 8)