”Hi people of the Redbubble gang my names Paul aka Stitchgrin from North Wales, i always love to draw and take photos it takes my mind of pretty much everything.
I’ve been drawing/doodling ever since i was a little boy bless! so i’m self taught! Most of my work is hand drawn or painted, scanned and photoshopped. I usually draw from the dark part of my mind to see what i can conjure up (i love the darkside) and i also have a nice part too so no need to worry! : D i hope you enjoy checking out my work and if you want to leave any comments they are very appreciated.
Feel free to email me if you have any questions or anything in general via Redbubble or mrpaulduaneroberts731983@yahoo.co.uk

Thank you for checking out my work

  • Age: 32
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